Institute for Neurobiology

Research Lab Course Neurobiology (30CP)

Grosspraktikum (30 CP)

Within the framework of the Research Lab Course Neurobiology, you will be exposed to a wide range of neurobiological questions, model systems, and techniques. Guided by the project supervisors you will apply these to independently address scientific problems.
Each cycle of the Lab Course takes three weeks. You will work in small teams of three or four participants each. You can select specific experiments from a broad array of options and, as a result, you can tailor the Lab Course to your own preferences by focusing on specific areas of interest. The accompanying seminar focuses on essential soft skills required in the scientific world. Each participant is required to present the results of their own experiments during the seminar in form
of a talk or a poster presentation. The intensive discussion of the presented results in a protected environment aims to prepare for real-life discussions in the future.

You will

  • learn to familiarize yourself with a current research topic within the given time frame.
  • tackle a challenging scientific topics autonomously while applying your biological methodological knowledge and skills to the different problems.
  • enhance your skills in experimental design.
  • improve your problem-solving skills.
  • will train and improve your data-analysis and presentation skills.
  • will experience working in international team in the scientific environments of the participating laboratories.