Department of Biology

Examinations Office Biology

The Examinations Office is responsible for all questions concerning examinations in biology (academic certificates, performance records, medical certificates, Bafög certification etc.). Your contact person is Mrs Elke Wenger.

Postgraduates (doctoral and post-doctoral students) contact the Bureau of Academic Affairs of the Faculty of Science.

News: The Examinations Office is closed on 3 and 4 October. No telephone service on 9 October 2019. 
From the 2nd of May there will be new office hours in the summer semester 2019 (see below).

You can contact the examinations office at the following times:

Phone New phone times:
Mon, Wed 14 pm-15 pm, 07071/29-76136
(or send us an e-mail)
In person

New personal office hours:
Tue 2 pm-4 pm, Thu 2 pm-4 pm

E-Building, Room E3A22

Appointment not necessary
E-mail pruefungsamt.biologiespam Fax 07071/29-5134

Changes in opening times: No office hours on October 3 and 4, 2019. On Tuesday, xx September, the office hours end at 15:30.
* Please send us an e-mail. We will respond to your request as soon as possible after that date.
** No telephone service on xxx; no consulting hours on... (see above!)

To facilitate the efficient running of the Examinations Office, we would ask you to familiarize yourself with the extensive information already provided by the department before contacting us. This includes examination regulations and forms which are available in the download area of our website. A collection of frequently asked questions is to be found here.

In order to accelerate the processing of applications (e.g. for extending the deadline for a Diplom thesis), we would ask you to fill out the application before coming to the office. Your application can usually be processed immediately.

Further advisory services provided by the University of Tübingen are to be found here.