Institut für Evolution und Ökologie

Seminar in Plant Ecology

A joint seminar of the Plant Ecology and Plant Evolutionary Ecology groups. The seminar takes place online on Fridays starting at 13:30 until 14:30.

If you want to sign up or make a change to the programme, please contact Sara Tomiolo.

Winter semester 2021/2022



22 Oct

Jannik Kohl - Asynchrony and stability of winter annual communities along a steep environmental gradient in the Eastern Mediterranean Basin

29 Oct Alexander Kelemen - Nutrient limitation of plants along a climate gradient in the chilean coastal cordillera (first talk)
Meike Ebenslander - the interaction of experimental drought and herbivory on plants along a climate gradient (second talk)
5 Nov External Guest: Marjolein Lof, Wageningen University: Pollination and natural pest control ecosystem services
12 Nov

Denis Bourguet, Thomas Guillemaud and Marjoaline Hamelin, French National Research Institute of Agronomy and Environment (INRAE) - Peer Community In: A free alternative to evaluate, validate (and publish?) preprints (1 hour long presentation)

19 Nov Celina Heckhorn - The influence of different microplastic fiber types on two soils using the example of Arabidopsis thaliana (first talk)
Franz Weyerer - Studying the eco-evolutionary response of plant-pollinator systems to declining pollinator population
26 Nov Steve Meeting
3 Dec Hannah Staufenberger - flower mixtures: Plant composition and pollinators - Pollinators' side of the story (first talk)
Julia Braun - flower mixtures: Plant composition and pollinators - Plants' side of the story (second talk)
10 Dec

Leandra Block - Phenology of five grassland species under competition – focusing the biotic impact of global change (first talk)

Anselm Lieb - Influence of a widespread and host unspecific fungal endophyte on knotweed invasiveness (second talk)

17 Dec

Lorenz Krüger - Invenstigating the structure-stability relationship in competitive networks with an individual based model (first talk)

Anaelle Regen - HEDGE Project 2: The role of beta diversity in ecosystem functioning (second talk)

7 Jan No seminar
14 Jan

Meike Ebenslander - The interaction of experimental drought and herbivory on plants along a climate gradient (II) (first talk)

21 Jan

Malina Palmer - Eco-evolutionary dynamics in plant-pollinator metacommunities - connecting ecology, evolution and a compex spatial landscape (first talk)

Johanne Gresse - Plant traits as determinants of population and community stability (second talk)

28 Jan Nina Porath - Microbiome influence on Arabidopsis thaliana: How does it affect plant health when facing fluctuating environmental and pathogen stress? (first talk)
Johannes Kasper - Diversity of microorganisms on Arabidopsis thaliana and their influence on resistance to Pseudomonas (second talk)
4 Feb N.N. - tba
11 Feb

Mara Breit - What determines heavy metal hyper-accumulation efficacy of Arabidopsis halleri more? – Plant or soil biogeochemistry? (first talk)

Johannes Schumann - RSR and optimum distances to neighbours in cold environment (second talk)

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