Faculty of Science

Information for Lecturers

Continuing Education

Teaching awards

  • Teaching award from the University of Tübingen

  • Teaching award from the State of Baden-Württemberg and Award for Open Science

  • Ars legendi awards

  • Fulbright-Cottrell-Award

  • Fellowships for innovations in higher education teaching

Studying with a disability / chronic illness

Quality assurance

  • Internal accreditation
  • Establishing new study programs
  • Commitment
  • Teaching report
  • Course evaluation

Examples for good practise

  • Teaching award winners of the Faculty of Science
  • e-teaching.org: The IWM website offers basic information on central elements and concepts of e-learning and virtual teaching and learning scenarios. 

Information for new Deans of Study

  • Advisory Boards

  • Appointment procedures

  • Authorized examiners

  • Elections

  • Guest Students

  • Ranking of the Center for Higher Education (CHE)

  • Selection procedures

  • Special funds for teaching and learning

  • Teaching assignments