Faculty of Science

Start of study

My studies will start soon - where can I get information?

The subjects offer welcome and information/introductory events at the beginning of the study program. Dates and info on these events can be found in the course catalog of alma.

During these introductory sessions, you will be told how to put together your schedule and register for classes (take courses).

The alma-introductory event provides information about the system and its possibilities. Further information about the alma portal as well as instructions can be found on the alma info page of the ZDV.


In addition to the introductory events officially offered by the university, the student councils sometimes offer introductory events for first-year students. Here, experienced students give tips on how to start studying.

For more info, visit the student council pages:  Choose your subject


Some subjects offer special preparatory courses before the semester begins.

I have difficulties with math, physics or chemistry

The following subjects offer supplemental tutorials:




Further information can be found in the alma course catalog for the respective subject under the heading "Für Studierende anderer Studiengänge".