Department of Computer Science

Preparatory Course Informatics for Life Scientists

SS 2021

This preparatory course is offered for students who are newly enrolled in the Master program Bioinformatics (Variant B) or Medical Informatics and have a life science background (e.g. a Bachelor's or first Master's degree in biology, biochemistry, biotechnology or molecular medicine).

The Bioinformatics Vorkurs aims at introducing students to the basic computational issues. It is not going to cover entire programming taught in the Bachelor Bioinformatics course, rather it is meant to provide a starting point for those who are planning a career in bioinformatics, but have no experience with Linux-like systems and programming. It is a Vorkurs, therefore no ECTS points are awarded.

Please see for further information about this course, about COVID-19 regulations, and about the course contents.

Dates: 9 thru 13 April 2021, in room F119 (Sand 7)
Language: English
Registration: 8 April 2021, 12 pm, via email to Philipp Thiel