Department of Computer Science

Mathematics Preparatory Course

for Students of Computer Science, Bioinformatics, Media Informatics, Medical Informatics and Cognitive Science

The math prep course is recommended for all first-year Bachelor students taking up studies of the above mentioned courses in the summer term 2023. This prep course offers the opportunity to brush up your knowledge of math basics important for your studies and prepares you for the Mathematics II lecture in the summer term 2023. In addition, this course allows you to meet other students also beginning their studies.

The prep course will begin on Monday, 3.4.2023 and end on Friday, 14.4.2023. The courses takes place in each case all day.

The registration for the math prep course can be done until 29.03.2023. To register please send an e-mail to Britta Dorn, which contains the follwoing information:

  • Course
  • Name und prename

You will get further information on the prep course via e-mail on 31.03.2023 (group assignment, meeting place, times, etc.)

Please don't hesitate to send your questions to Britta Dorn via e-mail.