Department of Psychology

Welcome to the Department of Psychology!

Psychology in Tübingen has a strong scientific orientation in both research and teaching.

Cognitive psychology is the common link for all basic disciplines and based on a broad methodological approach.

Research in the basic disciplines focuses on perception, language, executive functions, numerical cognition, and temporal cognition, as well as on social communication and interaction processes. The applied disciplines include clinical, organizational, school, and applied cognitive psychology. The numerous research activities of the working groups are embedded in an interdisciplinary environment, for example in the Research Unit 2718.

About 700 students are enrolled in the different study programs at the Department of Psychology. In every winter term, 120 admission candidates are accepted in the basic and polyvalent Bachelor of Science programs. In addition, there are about 100 registered students in the two study programs Master of Science in Psychology and Master of Science in School Psychology. Together with other departments and subjects, the Department of Psychology also contributes to the Bachelor and Master of Science program in Cognitive Sciences with about 100 places to be admitted.