Department of Psychology

Qualification Goals for Postgraduates

Doctoral Studies

The Faculty of Science provides regulations for doctoral studies in the fields of psychology or cognitive sciences. Here, you could find all the necessary information.

Please, read the information sheet for doctoral candidates carefully and consider the application procedure in order to receive the status of a doctoral candidate with all rights and obligations.

In addition to the "Recommendations for Dissertations including Scientific Manuscripts with Co-Authors" (see the section English Forms and Information), at the Department of Psychology applies the following remarks.

In case of difficulties during your doctoral studies Dr. Bausenhart and Dr. Dudschig provide information about offers of help from the Faculty/ University:,

Post-Doctoral Studies ("Habilitation")

Please, consider the provisions of the Faculty of Science which apply to post-doctoral studies. Here, you could find the most important information.

A mid-term evaluation at the Department of Psychology precede every official application for the examination procedure for post-doctoral studies.

The following mid-term evaluation items apply at the Department:

  1. The post-doctoral candidate chooses a mentor.
  2. The mentor introduces the candidate to the colleagues of the Department (CV, research and teaching activities).
  3. The candidate is invited to give a 45-minute talk, which is intelligible to everyone, in the research colloquium of the Department. The talk should provide an introduction into the field of research, inform about the scientific work and methods and point out the relevance of the achieved results.  
  4. The professors give their view on the candidate’s intention to apply for the post-doctoral study examination at the Faculty of Science. The statement of the professorate provide assistance for the candidate to decide whether to open the official examination proceeding or not.
  5. The department speaker forward the statement to the central management office of the Faculty of Science.

Mentoring Policy for Junior Professors and Junior Group Leaders

Here, you could find the guidelines of the Mentoring Policy for Junior Professors and Junior Group Leaders of the Faculty of Science.

The official mentor for all Junior Professors and Junior Group Leaders at the Faculty of Science is the Vice Dean for Research.