Social Cognition and Decision Sciences

Social Cognition and Decision Sciences

The focus of our workgroup is on social cognition and decision research. We deal with the cognitive processes that in particular underlie the acquisition, change, and retrieval of attitudes, the formation of judgments in different areas, as well as the use of the so-called wisdom of the crowds. All research topics follow a connecting ecological perspective on psychological phenomena. That is, we examine how the context affects cognitive processes in learning, judgment, and decision making.

If you would like to know more about our work, you can attend our seminars and lectures, visit our weekly colloquium (WS 20-21), or experience our research directly as a participant in the lab! News from our team can be found under News.

This semester we are holding our weekly colloquia online, but you are still welcome to attend! Read our schedule for all information about this.

Head of Division

Prof. Dr. Mandy Hütter


Denise Schreiner

Team Members

Dr. Marco Biella

Dr. Max Hennig

Niels Kukken, M.Sc.

Dr. Zachary Niese

Tobias Rebholz, M.Sc.

Kathrin Reichmann, M.Sc.

Bruno Richter, M.Sc.

Thomas Verliefde, M.Sc.

Birka Zapf, M.Sc.

Prof. Dr. René Ziegler

Student Research Assistants

Cosima Engel

Miriam Holthausen

Mirja Nicklau

Laura-Christina Oswald

Marit Struckmann

Mareike Tschaut

Tabea Wenz

Former Team Members

Dr. Fabian Ache

Katharina Berger, M.Sc.

Dr. Max Ihmels

Adrien Mierop, M.Sc.

David Tigges, M.Sc.