Cognitive Science

The goal of Cognitive Science in Tübingen is to investigate the basis of and the mechanisms underlying cognitive processing (like perception, learning, memory, problem solving, reasoning and language). This includes questions like "How are mental representations actually stored?", "Which factors affect the acuity of perception and learning?", "What are the neuronal correlates of cognitive processing?" or "How can cognitive processes be modeled via computer algorithms?". Depending on the specific research discipline, these questions are adressed from different perspectives and with different methods. Thus Cognitive Sciences enable an integrative and interdisciplinary viewpoint on human cognition.

At the University of Tübingen, the interdisciplinary degree course Cognitive Science is offered as a bachelor degree course and as a master degree course. The bachelor degree course teaches essential basic knowledge in the disciplines of computer science, mathematics, psychology, linguistics, neurobiology and philosophy. Based on this, the master degree course allows a focus in a specific subfield of Cognitive Science.