Faculty of Science

Board Representatives

Monika Conrad is a PhD student in chemistry. She is the chairwoman of the board and takes care of the finances of the Doctoral Convention. She also represents the science doctoral students as a voting member of the Faculty Council.

Aylin Balmes is a PhD student in Physics and vice chair of the Doctoral Convention. She handles our email communication.

Albachiara Cogo  is a PhD student in Mathematics and takes care of the website.

Mohammed Babiker is doing his PhD in archaeology. He organizes the regular doctoral student pub night.

Previous Board Members


The Board of Representatives 2021/22

Fritz Becker is doing his PhD in psychology. He is the chairman of the board and takes care of the finances of the Doctoral Convention. Monika Conrad is a PhD student in chemistry and vice chair of the Doctoral Convention. She also represents the science doctoral students as a voting member of the Faculty Council. Anna Störiko is a PhD student in Environmental Sciences and takes care of the website. Luise Wagner is doing her PhD in Earth Sciences and handles our email communication. Julius Havsteen is also doing his PhD in geosciences. He organizes the regular doctoral student pub night and is committed to networking among the doctoral students.


Anna Störiko is a PhD student in environmental science, chair of the convention’s board, and voting member for the status group of doctoral students on the faculty council (“Fakultätsrat”). Luise Wagner is the vice chair of our board and is a doctoral candidate in Geosciences. Monika Conrad is doing her PhD in Chemistry and is our second (non-voting) member in the faculty council. Fritz Becker is pursuing a PhD in psychology he is involved in networking between the conventions at different faculties, and in networking among PhD students within the faculty. Tobias Rentschler is doing a doctorate in geography and contributes to various working groups with members of the other doctoral conventions.

After several years without a board of representatives, we want to advocate for the interests of doctoral students and establish organizational structures for future work of the doctoral convention.