Department of Physics

Members of the Committee

The phone numbers given are the internal 5-digit numbers.
The complete phone numbers are +49 (0)7071 - 29 XXXXX.


Name Institute Room


Dr. Beatriz Olmos Sanchez1 Theoretical Physics D8Q40 76785 beatriz.olmos-sanchezspam
Katharina Kilgus2 Physical Institute D4P30 77081 katharina.kilgusspam
M.Sc. Katja Wurster Physical Institute D6P31 78627 katja.wursterspam
Susanne Hempel Mathematics & Physics Library C4A18 76385 susanne.hempelspam

1 Equal Opportunities Commissioner
2 Deputy Equal Opportunities Commissioner

The additional members and supporters of the Equal Opportunities Committee are not individually listed here.