Department of Physics

Advisory service and help

Contact persons

Applied Physics / Nanotechnology Prof. Dr. David Wharam
Astro and Particle Physics MSc Dr. Christoph Schäfer
Astronomy MEd Teacher education PD. Dr. Johannes Bleibel
Astronomy / Astrophysics Prof. Dr. Klaus Werner
Mathematical Physics MSc Prof. Dr. Werner Vogelsang
Nano-Science BSc Dr. Üner Kolukisaoglu
Nano-Science MSc Dr. Claudio Schrenk

Physik BEd / MEd Teacher education

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Jan-Philipp Burde
Physics BSc / MSc apl.-Prof. Dr. Thomas Gutsche
Physics MSc Trento-Tübingen Prof. Dr. Sabine Andergassen
Science and Technology BEd / MEd Teacher education PD. Dr. Johannes Bleibel
Theoretical Physics Prof. Dr. Werner Vogelsang

Studying with a disability or chronic illness

Information for students with
chronic illness
physical or mental disabilities
mental illness

Deans of Study

Teacher education Physics, Astronomy Jun.-Prof. Dr. Jan-Philipp Burde
Teacher education Science and Technology PD. Dr. Johannes Bleibel

BSc / MSc Pysics

MSc Astro and Particle Physics

Prof. Dr. Daniel Braun
BSc / MSc Nano-Science Prof. Dr. Frank Schreiber
MSc Mathematical Physics apl.-Prof. Dr. Thomas Markwig

Student councils

Student council Physics
Student council Nano-Science