Department of Physics

Equal Opportunities Committee

The Equal Opportunities Committee at the Department of Physics welcomes any physicists at all levels (from students to professors) that are interested in discussing and potentially make actual changes in the way equal opportunities are actually being respected and accounted for at the University.

We meet a couple of times in each Semester to discuss these issues, and we are very happy to welcome absoutely anyone with an interest on these matters.

Athene Mentoring in our Faculty

The Athene Mentoring is a mentoring program for female students and academic staff across all facutlties at the University of Tübingen. Please check out our website and join us!


Equal Opportunities Commissioner / Equal Opportunities Committee work:
Dr. Beatriz Olmos Sanchez (Institute for Theoretical Physics)
Tel: +49 - (0)7071 - 29 76785

Coordination of the regulars' table:
M.Sc. Katja Wurster (Physical Institute)
Phone: +49 - (0)7071 - 29 78627

Other tasks:
Susanne Hempel (Mathematics and Physics Library)
Phone: +49 - (0)7071 - 29 76385