Fachbereich Physik

Center for Quantum Science

Talks during the Winter Term 2020/2021


Date Speaker Title of the Talk
20.11.20 Xiangliang Li  (ETH Zurich) Structures and dynamics of superradiant crystals with repulsive pumps
04.12.20 Kevin Roux (EPFL Lausanne) Cavity quantum-electrodynamics with a strongly interacting Fermi gas
11.12.20 Arno Trautmann (IQOQI Innsbruck) Ultracold Lanthanoides – Mixtures, Supersolids and Rydberg States

11h s.t.

Prof. Timothy C. Ralph (University of Queensland, Brisbane)

Spinning up a Time Machine

The talks will be held on Fridays at 10:00 c.t.