Fachbereich Physik

Center for Quantum Science

Talks during Winter Term 2023/24

The talks will be held on Tuesdays at 13:00 s.t. in room D4A19.
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Date Speaker Title of the Talk
24.10.2023 Mathias S. Scheurer
(Uni Stuttgart)
Engineered many-body physics in graphene moiré systems
12.12.2023 (zoom) Alvise Bastianello (TUM) Confinement meets nonequilibrium in quantum spin chains
19.12.2023 Alex Schuckert
(JQI, Maryland)
Probing finite-temperature and transport properties of strongly correlated fermions in analogue and digital quantum computers
23.01.2024 Sol Jacobsen
New directions for combining superconductivity and magnetism, from spintronics to remote sensing
Special date: 30.01.2024 Farokh Mivehvar
Many faces of superradiance: From standard and non-standard Dicke models to rotational photon scattering
13.02.2024 Will Eckner
Generating spin squeezing and GHZ states with Rydberg interactions in a neutral-atom optical-clock platform (abstract via mail)

Albert Roura

(DLR Ulm)