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Student Assistants (f/m/d) wanted

For the upcoming winter semester 2024-25, the English Department is hiring tutors (30h/month) to accompany the lecture "Introduction to Cultural Studies", conducted by PD Dr. Birte Christ. 

Interested students may find the details of the positions as well as the application procedure in this document.

Please send your application as one PDF file to hiwis.butterspam prevention@es.uni-tuebingen.de. The deadline for applications is  May, 31rd, 2024.
Women are strongly encouraged to apply. People with disabilities and equal suitability will be given preferential consideration.

Irish Theatre Recommentation

Der K… von Inishmaan

Theater Reutlingen Die Tonne takes you to Inishmaan, a tiny island off the west coast of Ireland in 1934, where Oscar-winning author Martin McDonagh's bittersweet comedy depicts the reality of an inclusive acting career in a way that is as harsh as it is touching... 
 Premiere on April 11, 2024
 Further dates, information and tickets available on Theater Reutlingen Die Tonne

Information Session: Going Abroad

What students in the English Department need to know about exchange programmes. Join the student advisors on Zoom for information on exchange programs, deadlines, credits, and more. 

 Tuesday, May 14th, 6:15 p.m.
 More information can be found on the official flyer

VHS Online Course

Heimat through comics: An Exploration of Nora Krug's graphic memoir 'Belonging' 
With a theoretical focus on comics studies, this course concerns Nora Krug’s graphic text Belonging (2018). Students will apply tenets of comics studies when reading the text, in which the author seeks to come to terms with her family’s past. General discussions of Heimat and personal stories will round out the theoretical and literary analytical aspects of the course. The course is conducted in English and can accommodate learners on the CEF levels B2, C1, or C2.
 free of charge for students
 starting June 17, 2024
Volkshochschule Reutlingen

Lecture and Talk

Jenny Odell: How to do nothing. Resisting the Attention Economy 
Jenny Odell is a writer, artist and taught for many years at Stanford University. She is one of the sharpest-tongued and most original critics of the digital attention economy and an existence governed by efficiency and the cult of optimization. Her essays appear in the New York Times and the Atlantic. Her books "Nichts tun" and "Zeit finden" also made her famous in Germany.
 May 29, 2024; 6:30 PM
 Universität Tübingen, Alte Aula, Münzgasse 30