Englisches Seminar

Kurt Kohn, Professor Emeritus of Applied English Linguistics

Rheingasse 10, D-78462 Konstanz

Informed by a social constructivist view, my research interests include

  • online intercultural communication, 
  • English as a lingua franca and lingua franca pedagogy, 
  • English language teaching, 
  • foreign language teacher education. 

Based on European research projects, recent articles include

  • "MY English - a social constructivist perspective on ELF" (JELF 2018, 7/1)
  • “Towards the reconciliation of ELF and EFL” (In N. Sifakis & N. Tsantila, English as a Lingua Franca for EFL Contexts. Multilingual Matters, 2018)
  • “Learner agency and non-native speaker identity in pedagogical lingua franca conversations" (with P. Hoffstaedter, CALL 2017, 30/5)
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Current EU project activities:

  • TeCoLa - Pedagogical Differentiation through Telecollaboration and Gaming for Intercultural and Content Integrated Language Teaching (Sept 2016 - August 2019) (www.tecola.eu)
  • TILA - Telecollaboration for Intercultural Language Acquisition (Jan 2013 - June 2015) (www.tilaproject.eu)
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I am founding director (since 1998) of the Steinbeis Transfer Center Language Learning Media / Sprachlernmedien [Link]