Lehre am Methodenzentrum

QDS Master


Programming in R (QDS - FO1) - Noventa 

Introduction to Programming with Python or as block (QDS - FO1)*1 - Dr. Eberle Zentrum

Master Seminar on Econometrics (QDS - FO3) - Biewen

Experimental and Quasi-Experimental Design (QDS - FO4) - Glaesser

An Introduction to Algorithmic Ethics (QDS - FO5) - Pégny*2

Research Project (QDS - 2) - Brandt / Faleh

*The course "Introduction to Programming with Python" is offered by the "Dr. Eberle Zentrum für digitale Kompetenzen". The course is offered for the whole university so that a place cannot be guaranteed. Please ask for a certificate (German/English) for the course when you participate.

*possible Ethics Seminar not offered by us; spots might be scarce; there might be others - please contact us if you want to join another ethics seminar

Psychometrics and Mathematical Psychology 

Psychometrics - (QDS - PS1) - Brandt

Mathematical Models in Psychology (QDS - PS2) - Noventa 

Latent Variable Modeling Lecture and Tutorium (QDS - PS5) - Kelava

Longitudinal Data Analysis Lecture and Tutorium (QDS - PS6) - Brandt


Advanced Time Series Analysis and Exercise (QDS - EC2) - Grammig 

Statistics of Financial Markets (QDS - EC5) - Biewen 

Machine Learning 

Machine Learning I (QDS - ML1) - Berens

Deep Learning (QDS - ML3) - Geiger