Admission and Application

The requirements for the Master's program have been updated for the upcoming admission cycle.

Admission Criteria

  • Bachelor grade of at least 2.5 in one of the following or related fields:
    • Mathematics
    • Computer Science
    • Physics
    • Economics
    • Quantitative Psychology
    • A secondary subject in Social and Behavioral Sciences is desirable
  • Knowledge in Mathematics / Methods / Programming including at least (approx. 40 CPs)
    • One- and multidimensional Calculus
    • Linear Algebra
    • Statistics / Probability Theory
    • Basic knowledge in algorithms and data structure (e.g., R or Python)
  • Knowledge in Social and Behavioral Sciences including at least (approx. 20 CPs)
    • Understanding how to work in Social and Behavioral Sciences empirically
    • Concept of Latent Variables
  • Please provide the corresponding descriptions of your courses in your module handbook in your application (and only the corresponding pages not the full module book!)
  • English proficiency
    • German Abitur with English as the first or second foreign language, attended until the last year of school (at least "gut").
    • TOEFL iBT test (at least 79 points)
    • IELTS (at least 6.5)
    • Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) 
    • Accredited university degree of at least three years, entirely taught in English 
    • University entrance qualification obtained in the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia or New Zealand

Candidates are judged based on their level of interest and personal fit with the program. As part of the reviewing process, we require a CV and highly recommend handing in a letter of motivation.

The final decision is based on the overall impression (e.g., grades, pre-knowledge, letter of motivation, and interview) of the fit to the program.

Registration for the QDS master's degree is done through the general university portal. The deadline is the 31st of May. 

Further information about the application process can be found here.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a bachelor's degree in X. Am I eligible for the master's program QDS?

You need the skills mentioned above which are usually taught in degrees like Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics, Economics, or Quantitative Psychology. A secondary subject in Social and Behavioral Sciences is desirable to gain a needed understanding of how to work in Social and Behavioral Sciences empirically and of latent variables.

Applicants need to be familiar with topics like one- and multidimensional calculus, Linear Algebra, Statistics / Probability Theory, and need to have basic knowledge in algorithms and data structure (e.g., R or Python).

Can I apply if I have not completed my bachelor's degree yet?

Yes, if it is sure that you will have finished your bachelor degree until the start of the winter semester. If this does not work out, then you cannot enroll for the master program as you need your bachelor degree (or at least a certificate that you will pass your bachelor degree, in case that your bachelor thesis has not been corrected yet). However, we remain the right to reject applications based on the fact that the bachelor degree completion is not sufficiently advanced (this includes in particular if the courses with the required skills have not been completed yet).

I don't have all skills but missing X. Can I fulfill this by doing additional courses in Tuebingen (formal admission requirements, in German: ``Aufnahmeauflagen'')?

No, we get many applications and we only accept applications which fulfill the formal requirements.

However, the given number of needed CPs in the required fields is an approximation and slightly depends on the taken courses. Nevertheless, we cannot give an assessment if your completed courses might fulfill the requirements before receiving an application.

I don't have all skills but missing X. Can I fulfill this by doing additional online-courses in Coursera, edX etc.?

No, we only accept certificates from universities.

I don't have all skills but missing X or I have a degree with grade worse than 2,5 (German system) but I have a lot of experience in Statistics. Am I still not eligible for this program?

No, the skills mentioned above and the grade threshold are hard requirements.

I don't have yet my English certificate (TOEFL, IELTS etc). Can I hand it in after the application deadline?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. Note that due to the pandemic, we allow the TOEFL iBT Home test which can be done at home. If the TOEFL Home edition is not available in your country contact teachingspam

Can you please check my transcript if I am eligible or not?

No, we get a lot of applications and thus we can't do such checks beforehand.

How long should be the motivation letter?

The motivation letter should be maximum two pages, but we appreciate more concise motivation letters of one page.

How about recommendation letters?

We do not require recommendation letters, but you can upload them as extra material. However, it is not possible that they are sent to us via email.

When will be the acceptance/rejection notifications sent out?

There is no fixed date but it should normally take no longer than 4 weeks after the application deadline. 

When do I have to enroll?

The deadline for your enrollment will be given on your acceptance letter.

Whom should I ask if I have read all of this and still have questions?