About your studies and examinations

What does the Library offer?

The university library website helps you to find the availability of a book, article, etc. and the location where it is available at. In case of a non-availability, you can also reserve the book and get it issued when it gets available. The webpage also has information about publishing and you can book a discussion room in the Library for group work.

Are there any software licenses provided by university?

The university offers several software licenses for free for students, which usually includes, for example, Microsoft Office, statistical software, and antivirus software. You can find a list and instructions here.

Unfortunately, the website is only in German.


How does exam registration work?

In Tübingen, there are two different administrative systems: Alma and Ilias.

On Alma, you have to register for the courses and the exams (if you want to take them). Registration usually starts a month before the semester ends. An email is sent to students by the examinations office.

On Ilias, lecturers may provide information and material for the courses.

Information on necessary Bureaucracy procedures, Health insurances, Bank account procedure in Germany

Which Insurances are needed in Germany?

Krankenversicherung (health insurance) 

There are two types of health insurance in Germany:

  • The compulsory health insurance (public), which you had to provide to register
  • Private health insurance

All students are required to have an insurance plan in Germany, but depending on where you come from, you might be eligible to use the plan you already have in your home country. You should consult the university’s international office for more details.

Private health insurances might only be relevant to cover costs that are not payed by the public health insurance, like privileged care during a stationay stay at a hospital (e.g., a single room).

Some more information can, for example, be found here and here.


Haftpflichtversicherung (liability insurance) - highly recommended

Personal liability insurance covers you in cases of accidental damage to a third party or their property. In Germany, you are legally responsible for any damages caused to others by your person. It is important to note that this is restricted not only to damages one has personally caused but also holds for damages caused by one’s children, one’s pets, and so on. You are liable for all your estate. Income and liability claims will not be waived unless the damages in question have been completely paid. Consequently, personal liability insurance is one of the most important insurances one should hold when living in or traveling to Germany.

It is worth noting that private liability insurance often includes a version of legal costs insurance. In fact, a feature of personal liability insurance is to verify and possibly dismiss legal claims for damages. Typically, spouses are also insured without any surcharge. Children are also usually covered under their parents’ policy. These additionally insured persons (spouse, children) should be explicitly mentioned in the certificate of insurance.

International students holding personal liability insurance in their respective home countries should check whether insurance cover is provided while they are in Germany. Credit card holders should check whether their credit card comes with personal liability insurance valid while the cardholder (or his/her spouse and children) is abroad.

A basic German liability insurance costs between 50€ and 100€ per year.

Some more information can, for example, be found here and here.

How do I Open a German Bank Account?

To open a bank account, you will need:

• your passport or equivalent

• address in Germany

• tax identification number (TIN) – from your home country and/or Germany. Find your TIN here (OECD homepage)

• officially you will also need the confirmation of your registration (see 1), but most banks do not ask for this anymore

All these banks have English websites and online banking services:

What do I need to do when I found place to stay (registration)?

Whenever you move within / to Germany, you need to register yourself officially in that city within two weeks of you moving there. There is some leeway for that deadline, especially since it might take a while to get an appointment. Before you make an appointment, you need a form from your landlord that states when you moved in (they should give it to you without asking). 

You need to be registered to open a bank account in Tuebingen. 

Appointments can be booked online, you can call +49 (0)7071/204-2020, or send an email to 

The documents to be carried for your appointment will be mentioned via email after your appointment is booked. In many cases, the following documents need to be provided:

1. confirmation of the landlord/landlady (Wohnungsgeberbestätigung)

2. copy of passport or identity card (EU)

3. (for married individuals) marriage certificate translated into German and notarized.

A copy of your rental contract only needs to be submitted on request.

About four weeks after your registration, you will receive a letter with your German tax ID.


Bürgerbüro Stadtmitte

Schmiedtorstraße 4

72070 Tuebingen

Phone: 07071 / 204-2020



About Transportation and Accomodation

How do I Find an Accommodation?

Getting accommodation is not easy! Apply early. Here is a list of accommodation websites you can apply at: 

You can find dormitories offered by the university in and around Tübingen and by other organizations here: 

For Private shared apartments (although the offers on the websites may overlap): 

It is important to react to new offers as quickly as possible. On some of these websites it is possible, for example, to download the app and get push notifications for new offers, which might help.

How does the Public Transportation work in Germany / Tübingen?

There are two different kinds of trains in Germany, regional (RE, RB, S-Bahn) and national (ICE, IC, EC). Each region has its own regional train company.

With the semester ticket, you can use all regional trains in the Naldo area. 

The buy a ticket for faster (national) trains outside of naldo you can go to

Timetables for all buses in and around Tübingen can be found here.

Contact and other Information

What are the Contact Information for examinations and studies?

Examinations Office (Jessica Ettle): pa-ezwspam 

Questions about teaching or other issues at MZ: teachingspam

Administrative questions about the