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Seed Fund im Bereich ‘Data Science and Sports’

Die Universitäten Tübingen und North Carolina at Chapel Hill kooperieren im Bereich ‘Data Science and Sports’.

Prof. Tim Pawlowski und Prof. Jonathan A. Jensen waren mit ihrem gemeinsamen Antrag zum Thema ‘Data Science in Sport: The Present & the Future‘ erfolgreich. Im Fokus der Projektförderung steht der enge Austausch von Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftlern beider Universitäten u.a. im Rahmen eines Workshops, der vom Data Science and Sports Lab (DSSL) in Tübingen co-organisiert wird.

“One of the most visible ways in which data science has become a mainstream phenomenon is due to its application to sport. From the publication of the bestseller Moneyball to the establishment of the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference in Boston, data science advances in the context of sport have served to ignite passions across millions of students to learn data science. As such, sport can be credited in large part with the advancement of interest in data science around the globe. At the same time, sport provides an excellent laboratory in which to study firm and human behavior, as emphasized by Nobel Prize laureates Daniel Kahneman or Gary S. Becker. In particular, by exploiting granular sport data with cutting-edge data science techniques, important topics can be addressed, such as the behavioral responses to emotional cues (e.g., for alcohol use), which have a much broader appeal and societal impact. This seed fund will help to carry on this tradition by sparking new collaborations in the area of data science in sport that may lead to significant scientific advancements, as well as inspire students and faculty across the two universities.”