Institut für Evolution und Ökologie

Tobias Haasis, MSc



PhD candidate

78818   tobias.haasis(@)

room 019, basement floor

Aim of the study

According to the European Water Framework Directive, most water bodies in Germany are not in good conditions. In my PhD thesis, I am investigating the effects of inputs from wastewater treatment plants, but also from other input pathways, such as footing layers from riding arenas, on aquatic ecosystems. For this purpose, I use different model organisms, such as Gammarus fossarum, Danio rerio or Daphnia magna. In Baden-Württemberg, more and more wastewater treatment plants are being extended with a fourth treatment stage. The results of my work will provide possible success in reducing pollutants in this way.

I graduated in Tübingen with a bachelor's degree in environmental sciences and subsequently completed a master's degree in geoecology.