Institut für Evolution und Ökologie

Information for students and members

Information for students interested in the EVEREST program:
 Info leaflet.

Registering in EVEREST
Enrollment in the EVEREST program is a 2-step process that starts after formal registration as a PhD student with the Faculty of Sciences.
Register with EVEREST: Registration form.
Complete and sign the Supervision agreement.

Supervision concept
EVEREST provides guidance during yearly meetings of an individual Thesis Advisory Committee (TAC). The following documents details the preparation and structure of TAC meetings and has current forms for their documentation

 TAC forms and rules.

Skill training concept
EVEREST supports students in the acquisition of scientific training & non-scientific skills spanning one fixed and one flexible credit point component

EVEREST  Credit point rules
Skill training options:

PhD studies in EVEREST: overview and FAQ
How can I structure my postgraduate study in EVEREST? Find detailed support in the EVEREST checklist and FAQ.

After finishing your thesis
Complete the Checkout Form and send it to us.