Institut für Neurobiologie

Master of Science in Neurobiology

How does the brain work? This is certainly one of the big  open questions. The Master in Neurobiology progamme offers an up-to-date education in methods and topics of current neurobiological research. The programme enables successful graduates to join the endeavor.


The Master of Science in Neurobiology programme is offered by the Institute for Neurobiology in the Department of Biology. The programme addresses a wide range of neurobiological questions from a comparative, i.e. evolutionary, point of view. The spectrum of topics ranges from sensory stimulus encoding in lower vertebrates to cognitive abilities of higher vertebrates including humans. The methods range from single cell electrophysiology, cellular imaging and optogenetics to computational neuroscience and behavioural analyses.

Research environment

The Institute for Neurobiology at the University of Tübingen is part of the large Tübingen Neuroscience Campus with about 100 research groups. This vivid neuroscience research environment offers many opportunities for successful participants. As such, students can also attend a selection of related courses offered by the faculty of science and the medical faculty.

The University of Tübingen

Innovative. Interdisciplinary. International. The University of Tübingen has combined these guiding principles in its teaching and research since its foundation in 1477. It is one of the oldest and most renowned universities in Germany and offers optimal conditions for studying, combined with the opportunity to set personal accents and priorities. The attractive teaching and learning environment is complemented by numerous additional offers, such as the University Sports Center, the Foreign Language Center, the interdisciplinary Studium Generale and the modern university library. The university's motto speaks for itself: attempto - I dare!

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