Institut für Neurobiologie

Study Area Biology/Neurobiology

Neurobiology is an integral part of the biology. In this programme we value comparative and integrative approaches. An animal's nervous system or behavioural strategies are shaped by evolution to optimize its fitness. Thinking along these lines and asking overarching questions requires at least some advanced knowledge outside neurobiology.

Within the Elective Modules you can choose courses described in the module handbooks of the Master programmes on Evolution and Ecology, Microbiology, Cellular and Molecular biology, Ethics, Human genetics, Parasitology, and, of course, the Neurobiology.  6 ECTS can be credited within this module. Note: Additional courses from the Neurobiology Laboratory  or Key Classes Neurobiology can be also be used to fill this category.

Study aims

You will:

  • increase your knowledge of advanced biological (including neurobiological) topics to broaden the scope of your education.