Institut für Neurobiologie

Integrative Neurobiology (9CP)

The Integrative Neurobiology module lays the theoretical groundwork for further courses in the Master’s programme in Neurobiology. This module prepares for a deeper understanding of neurobiological processes at different levels. In parallel lectures, neurobiological fundamentals are discussed at three distinct levels, ranging from cellular and molecular processes of neuronal activity to the functioning of nervous systems, and behavioural and cognitive performance.
Whenever possible, connections between these levels are highlighted and discussed from various perspectives. The accompanying optional tutorial serves to rehearse and discuss the topics of the lectures.

This module provides

  • the basic knowledge of the cellular and molecular mechanisms of neuronal functioning.
  • the development, design, and functions of nervous systems that are the neurobiological basis of behavioural and cognitive abilities across species.
  • the theoretical basis for comparative analyses of the nervous systems.