Terrestrial Sedimentology Workgroup

Fitzsimmons, Kathryn

Prof. Dr.

Professor of Terrestrial Sedimentology

Office: 2O40, GUZ

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Lauer, Tobias


Lab Leader                                  

Office: 2I40, GUZ

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Aquino, Andrea

Dr. Ph.D.

PostDoc  Lecturer                           

Office: 2M40, GUZ


Mishra, Kanchan



Office: 2U37, GUZ

kanchan.mishraspam prevention@uni-tuebingen.de

Buchanan, Gwynlyn


Office: 2U37, GUZ


Ishanch, Qutbudin


PhD Student                                                      

Office: 2M40, GUZ

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MSc students and BSc students

MSc students:

Friedrichsen, Brian-Eric: Distribution and characteristics of patchy loess deposits in the Ammer valley, southern Germany (with Tobias Lauer)

Liebrecht, Philip: Sedimentology of lake-margin lunettes in the Corangamite region, southeastern Australia

Schwarz, Victoria: Hydroclimate change on the southeastern Australian desert margins (with Kanchan Mishra)

Siegel, Michelle: Sedimentological characteristics of flash flood deposits in southern Germany (with Ana Lucia)

Tiwari, Anaya: The sensitivity of groundwater to climate variability in the Corangamite region, southeastern Australia (with Monika Markowska and Xinyang Fan)

Visiting students:

Resic, Julien: April - July 2023 - University of Poitiers, France. Mineralogical and Geochemical characterization of Loess-Palaeosol sequence, Tajikistan (with Andrea Aquino).

Completed students:

Fischer, Lorenz (BSc 2023 - now MSc at University of Tübingen): Remote-sensing based analysis of aeolian-fluvial interactions in the Kati Thanda (Lake Eyre) basin, Australia, using open-source GIS (with Christian Sommer)

Lorenz’ BSc work has now been published! See: Fischer, L., Sommer, C., Fitzsimmons, K.E. (2023) An open-source GIS approach to understanding dunefield morphologic variability at Kati Thanda (Lake Eyre), central Australia. Frontiers in Earth Sciences. DOI: 10.3389/feart.2023.1196244

Gewalt, Philipp (MSc): The interplay of vegetation, sediments and earth-surface processes on alpine hillslopes (Valais, Switzerland) (with Jana Eichel, Utrecht University)

Szichta, Kai (MSc 2023) - (now geotechnical consultant): Long-term climate change recorded in the sediment characteristics of loess-palaeosol sequences in eastern Kazakhstan

Terraza Velasquez, Monica (MSc 2023 - now PhD student at University of Münster): Sedimentological characteristics of recent sediments in the river Steinlach, southern Germany (with Carsten Leven-Pfister)




Bacher, Mo Luka: thin section microscopy

Devaraj, Manikandan: remote sensing and GIS (Dr. Kanchan Mishra mini-group)

Schwarz, Victoria: luminescence dating and sedimentology

Siegel, Michelle: luminescence dating

Tiwari, Anaya: sedimentology