Graduiertenworkshop mit Korea University

The 4th Annual Korea and Tübingen University Graduate Student Conference

Datum: 24. Februar 2022
Uhrzeit: 8-13h (CET) 16-21h (KST)
Veranstaltungsort: Online via Zoom
Veranstalter: Max Altenhofen

Please send the requests for access details to max.altenhofenspam prevention@uni-tuebingen.de 

Session 1.
  • HONG, Min-ho: The external situation in the early periods of King Gongmin of Goryeo and the intention to establish Chungyongwi (忠勇衛)
  • LEE, Gangwon: Construction of Bukhansanseong Fortress in the 18th century and utilization of the hinterland in Tangchundae area
  • ALTENHOFEN, Max: Case Study on the Forest Management Cooperatives in Ulju-gun from the 1970s until today
Session 2.
  • EICHERT, Thomas: Corporate Governance and Culture in German-Korean Joint Ventures - The Case of Goldstar Tele-Electric
  • CUI, Hanghang: The Park Chung Hee regime's recognition of maritime sovereignty and the 'Self-reliance' diplomacy on East Asia (1965∼1974)
  • BAE, Sang Hee: Kwangju Pro-Democracy Movement in the eyes of German Journalists