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Recent Publications (Selection)

Raphael Moritz, Christian Manger, Kerstin Pull (2023). #InviteMe: Can social media information reduce discrimination? Evidence from a field experiment. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, Volume 213, September 2023, Pages 373-393.

Joecks, Jasmin; Kerstin Pull; Katrin Scharfenkamp: Women directors, board attendance, and corporate financial performance Corporate Governance: An International Review, March 2023

Zeno Enders, Franziska Hünnekes, Gernot Müller (2023). Firm Expectations and Economic Activity. Journal of the European Economic Association, Volume 20, Issue 6, December 2022, Pages 2396–2439 

Christian Bayer, Benjamin Born, Ralph Luetticke, Gernot Müller (2023) The Coronavirus Stimulus Package: How Large is the Transfer Multiplier. The Economic Journal, Volume 133, Issue 652, May 2023, Pages 1318–1347,

Christian Bayer, Benjamin Born, Ralph Luetticke (2023). The liquidity channel of fiscal policy. Journal of Monetary Economics,Volume 134, March 2023, Pages 86-117

Alexander M. Dietrich, Keith Kuester, Gernot J. Müller, Raphael Schoenle (2022). News and uncertainty about COVID-19: Survey evidence and short-run economic impact. Journal of Monetary Economics, Vol. 129, 35-51­

Sven Blank, Peter H. Egger, Valeria Merlo, Georg Wamser (2022). A structural quantitative analysis of service trade de-liberalization. Journal of International Economics, Vol. 137­

Theresa Veer, Philip Yang, Jan Riepe (2022). Ventures' conscious knowledge transfer to close partners, and beyond: A framework of performance, complementarity, knowledge disclosure, and knowledge broadcasting. Journal of Business Venturing, Vol. 37, Issue 3­

Sebastian Butschek, Roberto González Amor, Patrick Kampkötter, Dirk Sliwka (2022). Motivating gig workers - evidence from a field experiment. Labour Economics, Vol. 75­

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Jörg Baten & Laura Maravall (2021). The influence of colonialism on Africa's welfare: An anthropometric study. Journal of Comparative Economics, 49(3), 751-775­

Martin Biewen & Phillip Kugler (2021). Two-stage least sqaures random forests with an application to Angrist and Evans (1998). Economics Letters, Vol. 204­

Jörg Baten, Thomas Keywood & Georg Wamser (2021). Territorial state capacity and elite violence from the 6th to the 19th century. European Journal of Political Economy, online­

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Michael Haylock (2021). Distributional differences in the time horizon of executive compensation. Empirical Economics, online­

Jantje Sönksen & Joachim Grammig (2021). Empirical asset pricing with multi-period disaster risk: A simulation-based approach. Journal of Econometrics, 222(1), 805-832­

Martin Biewen, Bernd Fitzenberger & Matthias Seckler (2020). Counterfactual quantile decompositions with selection correction taking into account Huber/Melly (2015): An application to the German gender wage gap. Labour Economics, Vol. 66­

Viktoria Müller (2020). Hedge Accounting and its Consequences on Portfolio Earnings – A Simulation Study. Accounting in Europe, 17(2), 204-237­

Dominik Papies, Edlira Shehu & Scott A. Neslin (2020). Free Shipping and Product Returns. Journal of Marketing Research, 57(4), 640-658