Fachbereich Wirtschaftswissenschaft

RSIT Brown Bag Seminar

Winter Term 2022/23

Time: 12:00 - 13:00 pm

Place: Werner-Diez-Raum E 07, WiWi Sem Mohlstraße 36

Exceptions: The seminar on October 25 takes place in Seminarraum 081, OSA/Keplerstraße 2. The seminar on January 10 takes place in room E 03, WiWi Sem Mohlstraße 36

Oct 25   Giacomo Brusco, University of Tübingen and RSIT
€2 Gas! Tax holidays, incidence heterogeneity and market power

Nov 08   Tobias Brändle, IAW
Evaluation of the reform of the temporary agency work act

Nov 15   Sean Mc Auliffe, University of Tübingen and RSIT
Corporate taxation and the regional quality of governance in the EU: Decomposing the gap between statutory and empirical tax rates

Nov 22   Alessandro Ruggieri, University of Nottingham
Taxes, informality and development

Nov 29   Camila Cisneros, University of Tübingen and RSIT
Social spending and immigrants

Dec 06   Svea Holtmann, KU Ingolstadt and RSIT
Corporate taxation & firm performance

Dec 13   Natalie Laub, IAW
Heterogeneous effects of pension reforms

Jan 10   Peter Eppinger, University of Tübingen
Shock transmission in multinational firm networks (The seminar takes place in room E 03)

Jan 17   Max Löffler, Maastricht University
Fiscal and economic effects of local austerity

Jan 24   Jaqueline Hansen, University of Tübingen and RSIT
The Role of centres for internal capital markets

Jan 31   Li Haishi, HKU Business School
We Are All in the Same Boat: Cross-Border Spillovers of Climate Shocks Through International Trade and Supply Chain

Feb 07   (12:00-12:30) Tobias Hahn, University of Tübingen
Taxes and M&As

Feb 07   (12:30-13:00) Johanna Paraknewitz, University of Tübingen and RSIT
The role of tax treaties for trade in services