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Curriculum of the M.A. American Studies Program

The M.A. in American Studies is a two-year program, starting in the summer or winter semester.

First Year

In their first year, students will complete four out of five core curriculum modules in American Literary and Cultural Studies (12 ECTS each). In the first of these, incoming students will get acquainted with Central Concepts and Competencies (12 ECTS). This will generate a shared methodological basis, an understanding of the academic field as well as full command of the academic writing skills necessary for pursuing the M.A.. In three more modules, students engage in the in-depth analysis of important developments in American literature and culture, including one with a decisively historical dimension. The Interdisciplinary Profile (6 ECTS in the first year of study) gives students the opportunity to take courses outside of the core curriculum and develop an individual profile.

Second Year

In the Special Topics module (12 ECTS) in the core curriculum, students gain in-depth knowledge about distinct research fields. This may already set them on possible paths to their M.A. thesis. In the Research Colloquium, students will participate in discussions with faculty and present their own research for the M.A. thesis. The final module (30 ECTS) consists of the M.A. thesis and an oral exam.

Students complete the Interdisciplinary Profile module (6 ECTS in the 2nd year). For the Practice and Applications Module (12 ECTS), which may be completed any time during the course of their studies, students do an internship outside academia or work as a tutor and complete an Applied American Studies project in order to gain practical work experience.