Mit Afrika nicht zu machen?

Article of Prof. Dr. Michael Schüßler via

"Wer ist das eigentlich: die Weltkirche? Michael Schüßler dekonstruiert das koloniale wie klerikale Erbe global-kirchlicher Gegenwart." (Source:



Sehen, fördern, nicht verlorengehen lassen: Frauen* in der wissenschaftlichen Theologie

"Eva Maria Daganato und Katharina Zimmermann stellen das Tübinger Athene Mentoring Programm vor, eine Antwort auf den Mangel von Frauen* im wissenschaftlichen Nachwuchs katholischer Theologie." (Source: ibid.)




Herbert Haag Award 2023 for!

Together with Prof. Dr. Julia Enxing the online feuilleton "", that is run by a team of austrian, swiss and german team of theologians, including Prof. Dr. Michael Schüßler, is honored to be awarded the prize of the Herbert Haag Fondation for Freedom in Church. The reasons for the award can be read up here.




Weiter Gehen. Eine Roadmap ins Offene

Commemorative publication in honor of Rainer Bucher

"The articles of this publication do not aim to account and conclude, but to open up and continue. They sare to be understood as a roadmap for the content debate in which the themes of Rainer Bucher are taken up, rethought and developed further and in which new things are put into the space, also inspired by him. There should be no limits to the exploration of new forms, settings, spaces, places and times - searching and questioning, joyful and fearless, familiar controversy and encounter." (Source: Echter)



Nichts mehr zu retten: Über den Zusammenbruch des katholischen Sexualitätsdispositivs

The essay by Prof. Dr. Schüßler analyses the final collapse of the Catholic sexuality dispositif, i.e. the normative guidelines and expectations in the area of sexual morality and gender relations. There is nothing left to save here because no one needs or can be saved in this way.




Pain and presence


Prof. Dr. Schüßler writes in the theological feuilleton '' about Marina Abramović's exhibition in the Kunsthalle Tübingen. Here, for the first time, the religion-related content is taken into focus.




'Gott, Gaia und eine neue Gesellschaft'

'How do we read and interpret the World we live in? Who is the human in relation to nature and technology? What is the main point of the self-attributions 'religious' or 'believing'?  (source: transcript 2021: ebd., translation: KW)

Prof. Dr. Schüßler is the co-editor of this new anthology on the theological reception of Bruno Latour. The anthology is freely available.



'Ereignisse des Evangeliums kuratieren'

Prof. Dr. Schüßler's new publication 'über die pastorale Semiotisierung religiöser Räume' is freely available as an open source document.




Decolonizing Global Encounters or the question about the presence


Theresa Mayer, Research assistant at our chair, reports from the international workshop "Decolonizing Global Encounters" at the University of Tübingen on ''




SIPCC Online-Seminar 2021 June 7th / 14th / 21th / 28th

On the four Mondays in June 2021, the 32nd International Seminar for Intercultural and Interreligious Pastoral Care and Counselling, which our chair is also co-organising, took place under the theme 'Superdiversity - Kreative Räume in Seelsorge eröffnen'. You can find the programme by following the link below.