Seminar: Advanced Topics in Computer Graphics and Computer Vision (INFO4168)


This seminar covers current publications on computer graphics and computer vision. The seminar focuses in particular on topics that have made further progress in their field through the use of deep learning methods. Topics of interest include all aspects of computer vision and graphics, but not limited to:

  • Deep Learning in Computer Vision and Graphics
  • Medical image processing and computer-aided interventions
  • Vision and natural language processing

Prior participation in at least one of the following lectures is strongly recommended:

  • Machine learning in graphics and vision
  • Deep learning
  • Computer Vision
  • Computer photography
  • Rendering

This seminar is aimed at master students and will be held in English.



First meeting is on 22-April-2024


Successful participation in the seminar includes:

  • Active participation in the entire event
  • Short lecture in the first half of the semester (max. 2 minutes)
  • Report on the selected topic (6-8 pages, English) using the LaTeX template provided
  • Peer review of reports
  • Presentation of the topic (20 minutes)