Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy

Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy

Prof. Dr. Jennifer Svaldi

University of Tübingen
Schleichstraße 4
Room 4.405
72076 Tübingen

Tel. (secretary's office): +49 (0)7071 29-77301

Tel. (in person): +49 (0)7071 29-75024

Fax: +49(0) 7071 29-5219


Outpatient clinic for eating disorders:

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Research topics:

The focus of the research group of Prof. Dr. Jennifer Svaldi is to investigate mechanisms involved in the development and maintenance of pathological eating behaviour and body image disorders. For this purpose, risk populations, overweight persons and persons with eating disorders are examined using various methods (eye movement measurement, EEG, fMRI, psychophysiology, reaction time measurements, ambulatory assessment) and designs ranging from experimental psychopathology research to field studies and intervention research.

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