New! Corona version of Didi. A tutoring system for individual practice in English as a foreign language


A tutoring system for individual practice in English as a foreign language

What is Didi and who is it though for?

Didi is an online tutoring system offering materials to support students learning English as a foreign language in the 7th grade of all school types (in Germany). It consists of a collection of learning exercises that enable students to receive individualized feedback during their independent learning time – where feedback is often lacking. Didi fosters the personal learning progress by enhancing the learning experience with pedagogically and motivationally oriented support.

What does Didi consist of?

Currently Didi contains a variety of exercises concerning tenses and other grammar topics in English. These are practiced with exercises at the text and sentence level based on the Baden-Württemberg educational curriculum. Starting in the school year 2020/2021, the sequencing of exercises will be based on an automatized process taking into individual skills and previous performance.

Can I use Didi?

As a teacher you can easily set up an account for yourself and then also for your students. For more information, see the flyer You can access the materials via this website

How is Didi financed?

Although Didi is constantly being developed and improved, it is and it will remain free for you. Didi is to a large extent funded by the DigBindiff through the program “Wissenschaft-Praxis-Kooperationen für Unterrichtskonzepte mit digitalen Medien” from Robert Bosch Foundation.

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