Welcome to the Chair of Church History I - Institute of Late Medieval and Reformation Studies

Ever since Hanns Rückert, church history at the University of Tübingen has developed a particular interest in connecting the study of the Late Middle Ages with research in the protestant Reformation of the 16th century. Scholars such as Heiko A. Oberman and Ulrich Köpf have offered an understanding of the Reformation on the background of medieval scholasticism and mysticism. The results of their research conducted here at the Institute of Late Medieval and Reformation Studies have shaped Reformation scholarship across the world.

Today, especial attention is paid to Johannes Tauler, William of Ockam - and, naturally, to Martin Luther. We understand the study of church history as a decidedly theological endeavour which can but flourish when brought into dialogue with other perspectives both in theology and in general history. As a matter of course, our research is conducted in international partnership with scholars particularly, but by no means solely, working in Swiss, Scandinavian and American contexts.