Actual qualification work/thesis

Current dissertation projects at the research center

Marion Eichelsdörfer

Elie Wiesel's "...un di welt hot geschwign" was translated into German and introduced with scholarly commentary and editorial note (working title).

Elie Wiesel's survival report Night is based on an early version of the novel written in Yiddish ...un di welt hot geschwign. Within this dissertation project, the Yiddish text is analyzed and subjected to a synoptic text comparison with post-edited versions of Night. In pursuit of this project, ...un di welt hot geschwign was entirely translated into German for the first time.

Valesca Baert-Knoll

Structures of Ambivalence in the Autobiographical Writings of Elie Wiesel (working title).

Structures and effects of ambivalence are exemplified by select autobiographical pieces by Elie Wiesel, who brings them into a constructive dialogue with postmodern reflections on the relationship between modernity, the Holocaust, and the existential experience of ambivalence.