Biogeology Seminars & Journal Club

Biogeology seminar SS 2024

Tübingen Biogeology Seminars serves as an informal forum for academics, students and all those interested in fossils and the geological past. We meet regularly on Thursday at 14:15 with length depending on discussion time.
It is our pleasure to organize the ‘Biogeology Seminar’ this winter semester. In this seminar we want to give you the opportunity to present an overlook of your projects, papers relevant to your topics, your recently published papers, conference presentations, and generally any kind of ongoing or completed research to stimulate exchange between students, post-docs and professors. 
If you want to present something, please feel free to contact us for scheduling your talks (preferably giving us also a title). We do not want to favor any specific format (such as powerpoint, pdf, images) or a duration but would like to keep it as open and flexible as possible. So just use your creativity to share your research with us :)

Please feel free to contact us for scheduling your talk, 

Chris Baumann (chris.baumannspam and Dorothée Drucker (dorothee.druckerspam  

Scheduled Seminars

Date Speaker Title
16.05.24 Hervé Bocherens A prelude to the Anthropocene Biodiversity Loss in the Upper Palaeolithic in Europe?
13.06.24 Peter Tung TBA
20.06.24 Isabella Goulart Cranial morphogeometric analysis of sea turtles
27.06.24 Peter Nickolaus Introduction to paleoart


Márton Rabi Evolution of marine turtles
11.07.24 Felix Augustin TBA
18.07.24 Magdalena Krajcarz, Maciej Krajcarz

Isotopic variability of bone collagen amino acids in mammals within a temperate forest ecosystem – actualistic approach with implications for paleoecological reconstructions

25.07.24 TBA TBA