Biogeology Seminars & Journal Club

Biogeology seminar WS 2022-23

Tübingen Biogeology Seminars serves as an informal forum for academics, students and all those interested in fossils and the geological past. We meet regularly on Thursday at 14:15 with length depending on discussion time.
It is our pleasure to organize the ‘Biogeology Seminar’ this winter semester. In this seminar we want to give you the opportunity to present an overlook of your projects, papers relevant to your topics, your recently published papers, conference presentations, and generally any kind of ongoing or completed research to stimulate exchange between students, post-docs and professors. 
If you want to present something, please feel free to contact us for scheduling your talks (preferably giving us also a title). We do not want to favor any specific format (such as powerpoint, pdf, images) or a duration but would like to keep it as open and flexible as possible. So just use your creativity to share your research with us :)

New hybrid format

Different from previous times, the Biogeology Seminar will take place in a hybrid format this winter semester, taking place at the seminar room 229 in the Institute of Geosciences, but also available for zoom attendances/presentations. 
However, it is worth mentioning that the in-person format of the Seminar depends on the current Corona situation and potential new rules from the University. So, modifications on the format are possible. We will let you know in advance when we have new information. 

Please feel free to contact us for scheduling your talk, 

Gustavo Darlim (gustavo.darlimspam and Márton Rabi (marton.rabispam

Scheduled Seminars

Date Speaker Title
20.10.22 Dorothée Drucker Her/His-Story: insight into subsistence of prehistoric hunter-gatherers through ancient biomolecules
27.10.22 Lisa Merkens Could climate feed the mammoths? Modelling the distribution of Pleistocene Mammoth Steppe vegetation using the climate conditions of modern analogues
03.11.22 Sophie Habinger Evolutionary ecology of Miocene hominoid primates in Southeast Asia
10.11.22 Maciej Krajcarz Hello Kitty! Stable isotope paleoecology of domestic cat in Poland
17.11.22 Magdalena Krajcarz IsoTroph project - Advanced techniques in isotopic biogeochemistry for 
the estimation of fossil mammal trophic position
24.11.22 TBA  
1.12.22 Jeremias Glöggler The Tale of the Croc
8.12.22 Huei Ying Gan

Fog Plant Oases: Namib desert dune grasses as models for structure, functioning and dynamics of mini ecosystems in hyperarid environments.

15.12.22 Chris Baumann A view through raven’s eyes: Earliest evidence for hunter-gatherer impacts on raven diet and ecology in the Gravettian (Pavlovian) of Southern Moravia
    Christmas / New years break


TBA Postponed
19.01.23 Dr. Małgorzata Lempart-Drozd Application of Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy for preservation and chemical characterization of bone, dentine and enamel bioapatite
26.01.23 Márton Rabi and Gustavo Darlim
On the origin of the Chinese Alligator