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- 2nd March 2023. Studie: So überlebten Europäer einst das Eiszeit-Maximum.  
- 2nd March 2023. Les Européens de la période glaciaire ont trouvé refuge en Espagne, malheur en Italie.  
- 1st March 2023. Curry, A.: Ancient DNA upends European prehistory.  

- 1st March 2023. Dunham, W.: Genetics study lays bare Ice Age drama for humans in Europe.    

- 1st March 2023. Knauer, R: Die Überlebenden der Kälte.  

- 1st March 2023. Schuster, R.: Study of Ice Age hunters changes what we know about European ancestry.  

- 1st March 2023. L’estinzione dei preistorici dell’Era Glaciale avvenne in Italia: lo studio.  
- 1st March 2023. Sagrera, B.: La peninsula Ibèrica va ser un refugi pels europeus a l’edat de gel, fa 23.000 anys.  
- 1st March 2023. Bowen, B.: Ancient DNA unveils disparate fates of Ice Age of hunter-gatherers in Europe.  
- 1st March 2023. Zimmer, C.: Ancient DNA reveals history of hunter-gatherers in Europe.  
- 2nd February 2023. Nearly 600 obsidian handaxes from 1.2 million years ago found in Ethiopia show early humans were smarter than we think.  
- 1st February 2023. 1.2 million-year-old “stone-tool workshop” uncovered in Ethiopia is oldest ever found.  
- 1st February 2023. Viel früher als gedacht: Steinzeitliche “Werkstatt” für Faustkeile entdeckt.  
- 30th January 2023. 1.2 million years old workshop reveals early humans were skilled crafters earlier than believed.
- 27th January 2023. New discovery places mass obsidian hand axe production to 1.2 million years ago.  
- 27th January 2023. 1.2 million-year-old obsidian axe factory found in Ethiopia! Which ancient humans crafted these?  
- 27th January 2023. Archaeologists discover 1.2 million-year-old “workshop” in mind-blowing find.  
- 26th January 2023. Obsidian handaxe-making workshop from 1.2 million years ago discovered in Ethiopia.  
- 26th January 2023. million-year-old “ factory found, run by mystery human species: Study.  
- 24th January 2023. 1.2 Million year old obsidian axe factory found in Ethiopia.  
- 22nd January 2023. The last mammoth died 4000 years ago: why did it disappear?
- 22nd January 2023. El último mamut murió hace 4.000 años: ¿Por qué desaparecieron?  
- 21st January 2023. A Melka Kunture è stato scoperto il più antico atelier per la produzione di bifac-ciali di ossidiana risalente a più di 1.200.000 anni fa.  
- 20th January 2023. O xacemento etíope de Simbiro III permite avanzar no coñecemento da “capacidade de planificación e anticipación” do Homo erectus.  
- 20th January 2023. L’officina più antica del modo è in Etiopia. La Scoperta del team italiano.
- 20th January 2023. A workshop dating back to 1.2 million years ago.  


- 20th December 2022. The last mammoth died 4000 years ago: why did they disappear?  

- 29th November 2022. Oldest Pterodactylus fossil found in Germany

- 25th November 2022. International team of researchers identifies new species of dinosaur

- 12th November 2022. Bostongirl, Y.: Fossilized teeth of giant hominid led scientists to speculate that humans may have giant ancestors  
- 8th October 2022. Gatta, M.: Did ancient humans domesticate foxes?
-    Schwäbisches Tagblatt 16th August 2022. Tübinger Wissenschaftler schlagen Alarm: Werden Orang Utans aus-sterben?   
- 10th August 2022. Vorfahren der Orang Utans starben wahrscheinlich aus, weil der Wald ausdünnte.  
- 9th August 2022. When the forest left the apes.
- 9th August 2022. Ecological continuity between orangutans and extinct ancerstors highlights their de-pendence on intact rainforests.
- 9th August 2022. La continuité écologique entre les orangs-outans et les ancêtres disparus met en évidence leur dépendance aux forêts tropicales intactes.  
- 5th August 2022. Richard Zivohlava, A.: George Church, ce généticien qui veut ressusciter le mammouth, entre revolution et controverse.
- 2nd March 2022. Turtle species in Eastern Europe survived the event that killed the dinosaurs

- 11th January 2022. Noisette, C.: Des mammouths 2.0 pour lutter contre le réchauffement climatique?