Leon Amadeus Varga


2020 - 2023
PhD candidate at the Department of Cognitive Systems, University of Tübingen
2017 - 2020
MSc in Computer Science, University of Tübingen

Meanwhile, working at LuxFlux GmbH

2015 - 2017
Software Developer / Software Architect, FNT GmbH
2012 - 2015
BEng in Technical Computer Science, Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg Heidenheim

In cooperation with FNT GmbH

Research Interests

  • Object detection
  • Hyperspectral Imaging
  • UAVs
  • AI & Robotics



[1] Leon Amadeus Varga, Jan Makowski, Andreas Zell. "Measuring the Ripeness of Fruit with Hyperspectral Imaging and Deep Learning". In 2021 International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN), virtual, July 2021.  [arxiv, ieee]
[2] Leon Amadeus Varga, Andreas Zell. "Tackling the Background Bias in Sparse Object Detection via Cropped Windows". In 2021  ICCV Workshop Vision Meets Drones, virtual, October 2021.  [arxiv, cvf]
[3] Leon Amadeus Varga*, Benjamin Kiefer*, Martin Messmer*, Andreas Zell. (*: equally contributed)
"SeaDronesSee: A Maritime Benchmark for Detecting Humans in Open Water" In 2022 WACV [arxiv,cvf]
[4] Leon Amadeus Varga, Sebastian Koch, Andreas Zell.
"Comprehensive Analysis of the Object Detection Pipeline on UAVs" In 2022 MDPI Remote Sensing Journal [arxiv, journal]

Leon Amadeus Varga, Martin Messmer, Nuri Benbarka, Andreas Zell.
"Wavelength-aware 2D Convolutions for Hyperspectral Imaging" In 2023 WACV [arxiv,cvf]

[6] Leon Amadeus Varga*, Hannah Frank*, & Andreas Zell (2023). Self-supervised Pretraining for Hyperspectral Classification of Fruit Ripeness. In OCM 2023 - Optical Characterization of Materials : Conference Proceedings (pp. 97-108).