Welcome to the Homepage of the Institute of Theoretical Computer Science

Welcome to the working area for formal languages/theoretical computer science.
This working area is guided by Prof. Klaus-Jörn Lange. As the name suggests we are handling with the mathematical foundations of the theoretical computer science. You can find more about us and our courses here.


The theoretical computer science discusses the mathematical foundations and formal methods of computer science. Like the name of the professorship suggests, the formal languages are playing a major role. [read more ...]


The research topics of our chair provide a lot of possible tasks which are suitable for study and diploma theses or alternatively for bachelor's and master's theses. A list of topics can be found under the heading of graduation work.

It is quite common that for theoretical work the final topic is not found till in a learning phase. We would like to encourage you, if you are interested in a work in the area of our professorship, simply to contact us, gladly also with your own proposals for a topic. As a good starting point, apart from lectures, our high school offers itself.