Institut für Evolution und Ökologie

Seminar in Plant Ecology

A joint seminar of the Plant Ecology and Plant Evolutionary Ecology groups. The seminar takes place on Fridays starting at 13:30 until 14:30 in Besprechungsraum 36, Auf der Morgenstelle 3.

If you want to sign up or make a change to the programme, please contact Sara Tomiolo.

Winter Semester 2023/2024



20 Oct Carolin Eisele - Comparing short- vs. long-term effects of different plastic fragment concentrations and soil types on plant performance.
27 Oct

Anna Wagner - The effects of grazing on vegetation in Middle Eastern rangelands.

Julian Kirchner - Analysis of forest development phases of the ban forests in Baden-Württemberg. (via Zoom)

3 Nov Franziska Koch - Skewed interaction strengths enhance the effect of structure on stability in competition networks. (1 hour long seminar)
10 Nov Elizaveta Scherbinina - Cadmium-Microplastic Interaction: Impacts on Arabidopsis halleri and Arabidopsis thaliana Plant Performance
17 Nov Johanna Harrison - Effect of land-use intensity on belowground niche partitioning
24 Nov no seminar
1 Dec no seminar
8 Dec STEVE-Meeting
15 Dec Amaël Daval - Theoretical approach of rangeland plant diversity
22 Dec no seminar
5 Jan no seminar
12 Jan

Marie Geisbusch - Restoration Effects on Peatland Vegetation – Integrating Field and Landsat Data

Sami Mujahed - Green Rooftops in a Dry Climate: Exploring Climate Adapted Methods for Biodiversity Conservation in the West Bank

19 Jan Hanna Schänzle - The pollinators of Arum maculatum in Bad Urach.
26 Jan

Lukas Janke - Bet hedging of seed traits in heterocarpic Asteraceae plants

Said Mohammed Hassen - Diverse seed dormancy mechanisms determine the survival strategies of related invasive Lepidium species


seminars from previous semesters