Institut für Evolution und Ökologie

Erich Lara Spiessberger

Doctoral student
  +49 7071 29 76949
 +49 7071 29 5150
room E2P18

Postal address
University of Tübingen
Institute of Evolution and Ecology
Auf der Morgenstelle 28
72076 Tübingen

Short CV

since 2019
Doctoral student

University of Tübingen; thesis: “Comparative functional head morphology in modern rove beetles (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae)”

M.Sc. in Entomology

Montana State University; thesis: “Studies on West Indian Tenebrionidae”

Biological Sciences degree

Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

Research Interests

  • Biodiversity of Neotropical Tenebrionidae (Coleoptera)
  • Comparative functional mouthpart morphology of Staphylinidae (Coleoptera)
  • Comparative head anatomy and phylogenetic analysis of Staphylinidae
  • Three-dimensional geometric morphometrics


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Spiessberger, E. L. and M. A. Ivie. 2020. A New Genus and Fourteen New Species of Anopidiina (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae: Diaperinae: Gnathidiini) from the West Indies. The Coleopterists Bulletin 74(4): 667–695.

Spiessberger, E. L. and M. A. Ivie. 2018. Revision of the West Indian Cyrtosoma Perty (Tenebrionidae: Cnodalonini) with Description of Three New Species. The Coleopterists Bulletin 72(4): 825–837.

Ferreira, V. S. and E. L. Spiessberger. 2018. First record of Peripatus juanensis Bouvier, 1900 (Onychophora, Peripatidae) found in Cecropia (Rosales, Urticaceae) fallen trunks in Puerto Rico. Entomological News 128(1): 75–77. 

Spiessberger, E. L. and J. R. M. Mermudes. 2018. Notes on the Distribution and Ovipositor Morphology of Mylaris gigas (Linnaeus, 1767), Mylaris maxima (Germar, 1824) and Taphrosoma dorhni Kirsch, 1866 (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae, Stenochiinae, Cnodalonini). The Coleopterists Bulletin 72(1): 209–213.

Ivie, M. A., and E. L. Spiessberger. 2017. Clarification of the correct original spelling of Caecomenimopsis jamaicensis Dajoz (Tenebrionidae: Diaperinae: Gnathidiini: Anopidiina). The Coleopterists Bulletin 71(1): 118–119.