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AEG Alumni

Not all AEG Alumni are listed on this website, only those who agreed that their data can be published.

Alumni AEG 2018

Daniel Boateng ( AEG 2018 )


Master's Thesis  Prediction of 21st Century Precipitation Response to Different Emission Scenarios in the Ammer Catchment
Last Known Occupation  Universität Tübingen/Germany --- PhD Student

Nationality  Ghana

Kenny Haaker ( AEG 2018 )


Master's Thesis 
Last Known Occupation 

Nationality  Luxemburg / The Netherlands

Jamal Joud ( AEG 2018 )


Master's Thesis  Application of Geophysical Methods to Characterize a Former Waste Disposal Site
Last Known Occupation 

Nationality  Germany

Manikanth Kanapur ( AEG 2018 )


Master's Thesis  Tyre Wear Characterization and the Investigation of Tyre Wear Markers in the Roadside Soils of a Heavily Loaded Federal Highway
Last Known Occupation 

Nationality  India

Luyao Li ( AEG 2018 )


Master's Thesis  Life Cycle Assessment of Caproic and Caprylic Acid Production from Bread Waste
Last Known Occupation 

Nationality  China

Jaime Martinez Rodriguez ( AEG 2018 )


Master's Thesis  Data Assimilation with Parameter Update of a Coupled Surface-Subsurface Numerical Model using the Ensemble Kalman Filter
Last Known Occupation 

Nationality  Mexico

Andrada Victoria Oancea ( AEG 2018 )


Master's Thesis  Life Cycle Assessment of Improved Anaerobic Digestion Process by Considering Hydrothermal Carbonization Technology in a Wastewater Treatment Plant
Last Known Occupation 

Nationality  Romania

Simon William Regenold ( AEG 2018 )


Master's Thesis  Modeling stream-groundwater interactions in a small agricultural catchment in Ammerbuch, Germany
Last Known Occupation 

Nationality  Germany / USA

Christoph Reith ( AEG 2018 )


Last Known Occupation 

Nationality  Germany

Desara Roci ( AEG 2018 )


Master's Thesis  Removal of aqueous contaminants (Cr, As, V, Mo) with Fe-mineral nanoparticles coated onto quartz sand
Last Known Occupation 

Nationality  Greece / Albania


Anastasia Rodana ( AEG 2018 )


Master's Thesis  Birch Forest Expansion Effect on Iron-Organic Carbon Associations in Permafrost Peatlands
Last Known Occupation 

Nationality  Greece

Diego Sánchez Anaya ( AEG 2018 )


Master's Thesis  Assessing Light Absorbance and Scattering of Low Temperature Iron(II)-Silicate Colloids in an Archean Ocean Analogue
Last Known Occupation 

Nationality  Colombia

Bochen Shu ( AEG 2018 )


Master's Thesis  Long-Term Behavior of Perfluoroalkyl Acids (PFAAs) in Stop-Flow Column Leaching Tests
Last Known Occupation 

Nationality  China

Sammy Sieber ( AEG 2018 )


Master's Thesis 
Last Known Occupation 

Nationality  Brazil

Yuling Yang ( AEG 2018 )


Master's Thesis  A Probabilistic Assessment of Alps Palaeotopography Using Bayesian Integration of Palaeoclimate Data and Models
Last Known Occupation 

Nationality  China

Yijing Zhou ( AEG 2018 )


Master's Thesis  xxx
Last Known Occupation  xxx

Nationality  China

Jonathan Zweigle ( AEG 2018 )


Master's Thesis  Direct and indirect electrochemical oxidation of the perfluoroalkyl carboxylic acid precursor 6:2 polyfluorinated dialkylated phosphate ester
Last Known Occupation  Universität Tübingen/Germany --- PhD Student

Nationality  Germany

Alumni AEG 2017

Alireza Aghakhani ( AEG 2017 )


Master's Thesis  Quantifying exhumation in the Southern Patagonian Andes using low-temperature thermochronology and thermo-kinematic modeling

Nationality  Iran

Sara Anthony ( AEG 2017 )


Master's Thesis  Travel Times of Infiltrating Surface Water determined vie Electrical Conductivity Monitoring, Stable Water Isotope, and 222Radon Studies

Nationality  USA


Freya Fünfgeld ( AEG 2017 )

Master's Thesis  Tritium-Helium Dating of Groundwater in the Fractured and Karstified Muschelkalk Aquifer of the Ammer Catchment (Baden-Württemberg, Germany)

Nationality  Germany

Hannah McNeil ( AEG 2017 )


Master's Thesis  Analysis of Hydrocarbon Degradation by Marine Microbial Communities in Response to Simulated Pollution Scenarios

Nationality  Canada

Lydia Olson ( AEG 2017 )

Master's Thesis  The Effects of  Siderite and Microbial Iron Oxidation on Cadmium Mobility: Potential for Bioremediation in Agricultural Soils

Nationality  USA

Teresa Rotova ( AEG 2017 )

Master's Thesis  Detection and Mapping of Layers of High Organic Carbon Content in Floodplain Sediments

Nationality  Brazil / Italy

Nicole Smith ( AEG 2017 )


Master's Thesis  Metagenome Study of a Novel, Autotrophic, Nitrate-Reducing Fe(II)-Oxidizing Enrichment Culture from a Freshwater Ecosystem

Nationality  USA

Maximilian Stoll ( AEG 2017 )


Master's Thesis  Assessing Groundwalter in the Rhine Valley

Nationality  Germany

Yelin Tang ( AEG 2017 )


Master's Thesis  Characterization of Glyphosate and Xenobiotics Degrading Bacteria from the Ammer Catchment Area

Nationality  China

Monika Temovska ( AEG 2017 )

Master's Thesis  Enrichment and isolation of chain elongating bacteria from subsoil and reactor samples

Last Known Occupation  Universität Tübingen/Germany --- PhD Student

Nationality  Mazedonia

Alumni AEG 2016


Rebecca Bauer ( AEG 2016 )

Master's Thesis  Characterisation of Perflurinated Technical Products Used in Paper Production and their Transcformation Products


Xianglu Hu ( AEG 2016 )


Master's Thesis  Sorption of Phenanthrene on Different Types of Microplastics and Soil: Determination of the Sorption Isotherm

Nationality  China


Jason Huang ( AEG 2016 )


Nationality  USA

Marie Hundhausen ( AEG 2016 )


Master's Thesis  Stability criteria and their impact on offshore wind park wakes

Last Known Occupation  Karlsruhe Institute of Technology/Germany

Nationality  Germany

Samuel Kelsey ( AEG 2016 )


Master's Thesis  Model-Based Quantification of Run-Off Generation Processes at the Hillslope Scale

Last Known Occupation  Earthtech Consulting Limited, Auckland/New Zealand --- Hydrogeologist / Hydrologist

Nationality  New Zealand


Malte Kleemann ( AEG 2016 )


Master's Thesis  Estimation Hydraulic Anisotropy at the test site Lauswiesen

Nationality  Germany

Jorge Olivares Rivas ( AEG 2016 )


Master's Thesis  Evaluating Groundwater Flow in the Karstic Muschelkalk Aquifer between the Nagold Valley and the Ammer Spring using 2D Hydrogeological Models

Last Known Occupation  knoell Germany GmbH, Leverkusen/Germany --- Environmental Modeller

Nationality  Mexico / USA

Benno Perchermeier ( AEG 2016 )


Master's Thesis  An ArcGIS Toolbox for the Conceptual Estimation of Flood Discharges

Last Known Occupation  S A K Ingenieurgesellschaft, Traunstein/Germany --- Civil Engineer

Nationality  Germany

Aaron Petrowitsch ( AEG 2016 )


Master's Thesis  Hydrogeochemistry of Ammer River valley Flootplain

Nationality  Canada

Wenxiao Shi ( AEG 2016 )


Master's Thesis  Redistribution of Phenanthrene onto Polyethylene Microplastic Particles of Different Size

Nationality  China

Kathrin Singer ( AEG 2016 )


Master's Thesis  Optimized and Conventional Electrical Resistivity Tomography Surveys: Evaluation with Synthetic Data and Field Application in the Ammer Valley

Nationality  Germany

Qu Sun ( AEG 2016 )


Master's Thesis  Chain Elongation from Formate with Open Cultures

Nationality  China

Alumni AEG 2015


Martin Dersch ( AEG 2015 )

Master's Thesis  Improving the geologic model of the Ammer valley floodplain using in situ geophysical borehole methods

Nationality  Germany

Mohammad Reza Ershadi ( AEG 2015 )


Master's Thesis  Evaluation of geophysical methods to characterize a shallow alluvial aquifer Seismic Refraction Tomography and Electrical Resistivity Tomography Lauswiesen site, Tübingen, Germany

Last Known Occupation  Universität Tübingen/Germany --- PhD Student

Nationality  Iran


Gayathri Guddeti ( AEG 2015 )


Master's Thesis  Impact of Late Cenozoic Climate Change on Landscape Evolution at Selected sites in South America

Nationality  India


Stefan Klingler ( AEG 2015 )


Master's Thesis  Geoelectrical Forward Modeling to Identify Resolvalble Sedimentary Structures

Last Known Occupation  Universität Tübingen/Germany --- PhD Student

Nationality  Germany

Adeeti Madiar ( AEG 2015 )


Master's Thesis  Leaching assessment of Construction and Demolition waste

Nationality  India

Ruth Verena Maier ( AEG 2015 )


Master's Thesis  Estimating Hydraulic Anisotropy of Fluvial Gravel Aquifers

Last Known Occupation  Universität Tübingen/Germany --- PhD Student

Nationality  Austria


Joseph Martin ( AEG 2015 )


Master's Thesis  Determining the efficiency of a novel isolation technique: Microbial trapping devices and their influence on the bacterial community of a karst aquifer

Nationality  USA


Philipp Martin ( AEG 2015 )


Master's Thesis  Compund-Specicic Isotope Analysis of Chlorinated Phenols - Method Development and Applications

Last Known Occupation  Universität Tübingen/Germany --- PhD Student

Nationality  Germany

Simon Martin ( AEG 2015 )


Master's Thesis  Hydrogeolological Investigation of the Ammer River Floodplain between Pfäffingen and Tübingen, SW Germany

Last Known Occupation  Universität Tübingen/Germany --- PhD Student

Nationality  Canada / UK


Raissa Mpundu ( AEG 2015 )


Master's Thesis  Investigations of the groundwater conditions in the Ammer valley close to Tübingen, Germany

Nationality  Burundi


Louis Rees ( AEG 2015 )


Master's Thesis  Factors Controlling Iron Plaque Formation in the Rhizosphere of Rice Plants

Nationality  UK

Hemanti Sharma ( AEG 2015 )


Master's Thesis  Effects of Past Global Climate Change on Frost Cracking

Last Known Occupation  Universität Tübingen/Germany --- PhD Student
Nationality  India

Katrin Wunsch ( AEG 2015 )


Master's Thesis  Effects of crude oil versus water-accommodated fraction (WAF) addition on marine microbial communities and hydrocarbon degrading bacteria

Nationality  Germany

Alumni AEG 2014

Maria Bichlmeier ( AEG 2014 )

Master's Thesis  Investigations on Groundwater Flow and Quality during Flood Events

Nationality  Germany


Priyanka Chopra ( AEG 2014 )


Nationality  Germany


Friederike Currle ( AEG 2014 )

Nationality  Germany


Prerna Dhingra ( AEG 2014 )


Nationality  India

Marius Egner ( AEG 2014 )


Master's Thesis  Hydraulic Characterization of the Lauswiesen Aquifer using Flowmeter Measurements and a Multi-Level Sampling Method

Nationality  Germany

Greta Fellenberg ( AEG 2014 )

Master's Thesis  Sorption Processes of Organic Contaminants into Microplastics in the Presence of Naturally Occuring Sorbents

Nationality  Germany


Sebastian Gnann ( AEG 2014 )

Master's Thesis  Joint Spatial Interpolation of Groundwater Quality Parameters

Last Known Occupation  University of Bristol/UK --- PhD Student

Nationality  Germany

Hang Guan ( AEG 2014 )


Master's Thesis  Sorption Behavior of 2,3,3,3-Tetrafluoro-2-(1,1,2,2,3,3,3-Heptafluoropropoxy) Propanoic Acid (HFPO-DA) in Soils and Sediments

Nationality  China

Simon Krause ( AEG 2014 )

Master's Thesis  The Validity of Optimized Weights for Bayesian Model Averaging

Last Known Occupation  Golder Associates, Cambridge, Ontario/Canada --- Groundwater Modeller

Nationality  Canada / Germany

Boyan Meng ( AEG 2014 )

Master's Thesis  Simulation of Transverse Mixing and Mixing-Controlled Reactions in Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Pore Networks

Nationality  China


Akanksha Mishra ( AEG 2014 )


Master's Thesis  Biochar's Impact on Microbial Denitrification and N2O Production

Last Known Occupation  Universität Tübingen/Germany --- PhD Student

Nationality  India

Max Ramgraber ( AEG 2014 )

Master's Thesis  Assessing the suitability of Phytoforensics for the screening of groundwater salinization

Last Known Occupation  Eawag, Dübendorf/Switzerland --- PhD Student

Nationality  Germany


Bettina Rüdiger ( AEG 2014 )

Master's Thesis  Thuja Needles and Low-Density Polyethylene Sheets as Passive Samplers for atmospheric Aromatic Hydrocarbons

Last Known Occupation  Landratsamt Alb-Donau Kreis/Germany --- Consultant for Water Management

Nationality  Germany

Margareta Stöckl ( AEG 2014 )


Master's Thesis  Iron oxidation in the leaching solution of waste incineration bottom ash by bacteria enriched from Rio Tinto sediments

Nationality  Germany

Oleksandr Stoianov ( AEG 2014 )


Master's Thesis  Bench-Scale Assessment of Pharmaceutical Degradation by Biofilm

Nationality  Ukraine

Alumni AEG 2013

Wagner De Oliveira Garcia ( AEG 2013 )


Master's Thesis  Reactive transport modeling of Pb, Zn and B in a ceramic landfill site

Nationality  Brazil

Simon Franchini ( AEG 2013 )


Master's Thesis  Data worth of concentration measurements to discriminate between competing scenarios of subsurface DNAPL migration

Last Known Occupation  Imperial College London/UK --- PhD Student

Nationality  Germany

Sharmishtha Jindal ( AEG 2013 )


Master's Thesis  Studying the effects of temperature on growth of Desulfitobacteriumsp. Y51 and PCE1 strains and how that influences the isotope fractionation?

Nationality  India

Ulf Lüder ( AEG 2013 )


Master's Thesis  Monitoring O2- and Fe(II)-Concentrations in Opposed Gradient Tubes: Application of Amperometric and Voltammetric Methods

Last Known Occupation  Universität Tübingen/Germany --- PhD Student

Nationality  Germany

Sabine Peters, née Gitter ( AEG 2013 )

Last Known Occupation  Bezirksregierung Köln (District Government)/Germany --- Hydrogeologist

Nationality  Germany

Xintong Qin ( AEG 2013 )


Master's Thesis  Event-based Monitoring of Particle Associated Transport of PAHs in the Upper Neckar Catchment, Germany

Nationality  China


Jarno Rouhiainen ( AEG 2013 )


Master's Thesis  Inventory and Mobilizatin of nitrogen in the forested Goldersbach catchment

Nationality  Finland


Anzhela Tamazashvili ( AEG 2013 )

Master's Thesis  Including Censored Measurements in Temporal and Spatial Multivariate Environmental Models

Jilian Troyer ( AEG 2013 )


Master's Thesis  Analysis of Transient Groundwater-River Exchange Fluxes in the Wairau River: Model Calibration and Upscaling

Last Known Occupation  Louis Berger Group, Philadelphia/USA --- Hydrogeologist

Nationality  USA

Qian Zhao ( AEG 2013 )


Nationality  China

Yiren Zhou ( AEG 2013 )


Master's Thesis  Sorption and Reaction of Micropolutonts on Membranes based on Carbon Nanotubes CCNTS and CNT Membranes modified with Ion Nanoparticles

Last Known Occupation  SPIC Yuanda Environmental-Protection, Chongqing/China --- R&D Engineer

Nationality  China

Qi Zhu ( AEG 2013 )


Nationality  China

Alumni AEG 2012

Jeremy Paul Bennett ( AEG 2012 )


Master's Thesis  Characterisation of sediment fluxes and origins in the Steinlach catchment using heavy metals

Last Known Occupation Tonkin & Taylor, Auckland/New Zealand --- Hydrogeologist

Nationality  New Zealand

Daniel Echavarria Münstermann ( AEG 2012 )


Master's Thesis  Climatic and tectonic implications from two deep drilling cores (SG-1, SG-1b) in the western Qaidam Basin (NE Tibetan Plateau)

Nationality  Germany / Colombia

Yuntao Hu ( AEG 2012 )

Master's Thesis  The Formation of NBr3 and other DBPs in the Swimming Pool Disinfection Process

Last Known Occupation  Berkeley National Lab/USA --- Project Scientist

Nationality  China


Adrian Alexander Mellage ( AEG 2012 )


Master's Thesis  Fringe-controlled biodegradation under dynamic plume conditions: flow-through experiments and reactive-transport modeling

Last Known Occupation  Universität Tübingen/Germany --- Research Associate

Nationality  USA

Chihiro Murata ( AEG 2012 )


Master's Thesis  Iron Oxidation in Paddy Soil: Iron Plaque Formation in Abiotic Set-up and Plant Mediated pH Changes

Nationality  Japan


Madiha Naseer ( AEG 2012 )


Master's Thesis  Effect of varying physiological conditions on isotope fractionation of PCE degradation by Desulfitobacterium hafniense Y51

Nationality  Pakistan


Johanna Oest ( AEG 2012 )


Master's Thesis  The Effects of Particle Size Distribution and Crushing on the Release of Substances from Receycled Construction and Demolotion Waste

Nationality  Germany

Jan Peters ( AEG 2012 )


Master's Thesis  Stable Carbon Isotope Fractionation of Toluene in a Quasi-2-D Flow-Through Chamber: Physical and Biochemical Contributions

Last Known Occupation  Björnsen Beratende Ingenieure, Koblenz/Germany --- Consultant

Nationality  Germany

Yizhou Qin ( AEG 2012 )


Master's Thesis  Shallow subsurface seismic investigation in Lauswiesen with special focus on refraction tomography

Nationality  China

Jonathan Schulz ( AEG 2012 )


Master's Thesis  On-line Measurement of Nitrate, DOC, and TSS in River Water using a UV-vis Probe: Lab Calibration and Field Measurements

Last Known Occupation  Wartig Nord, Hamburg/Germany --- Consultant

Nationality  Germany

Yixin Wu ( AEG 2012 )


Master's Thesis  Simulation of Nitrogen Leaking in Different Soil types and Land uses of the Ammer Catchment

Nationality  China

Mingming Zhang ( AEG 2012 )


Master's Thesis  Numerical Experiments on Molybdenum and Anadium Leaching from Crushed Masonry

Nationality  China

Qi Zhang ( AEG 2012 )


Master's Thesis  Magnetic properties revealthe distribution of coal slag at riversides by flooding

Nationality  China

Qing Zheng ( AEG 2012 )


Master's Thesis  Numerical Experiments on the Leaching of Contaminants

Nationality China

Alumni AEG 2011

Mohamad Hani Abbas ( AEG 2011 )


Master's Thesis  Hillslope Characterization using different Geophysical Method

Last Known Occupation  Université de Rouen/France --- PhD Student

Nationality  Lebanon


Polina Abdrakhimova ( AEG 2011 )


Master's Thesis  Ensemble Kalman Filter in Hydrogeostatistics

Last Known Occupation  University of Calgary/Canada --- PhD Student

Nationality  Russia

Ayokunle Akindutire ( AEG 2011 )


Master's Thesis  Using Polyethylene (PE) Passive Samplers to Detect Soil-Atmosphere Gradients of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs)

Nationality  Nigeria


Laura Bakhtizina ( AEG 2011 )


Master's Thesis  Human health risk assessment for browthfield redevelopment options: risk mapping ased on land use specific pathways

Nationality  Azerbaijan

César Augusto Castañeda Herrera ( AEG 2011 )


Master's Thesis  Reductive Dechlorination of Carbon Tetrachloride on a Goethite-Iron (II) System with Sulfide

Last Known Occupation  University of Melbourne/Australia --- PhD Student

Nationality  Colombia

Leyla Guluzada ( AEG 2011 )


Master's Thesis  Impact of Solution Conditions on the Redox Reaction between Goethite-Fe(II) and Quinones (AQDS)

Last Known Occupation  Vector Informatik GmbH, Stuttgart/Germany --- Software Development Engineer

Nationality  Azerbaijan


Ziqian Han ( AEG 2011 )


Master's Thesis  Experimental and Numerical Investigation on the Influence on Soil Parameters by the Soil Gas with High Concentration of Carbon Dioxide

Nationality  China

Thi Phuong Loan Le ( AEG 2011 )


Master's Thesis  Influence of Reduced Organic Matter on the Reductive Transformation of Carbon Tetrachloride on the Goethite-Ferrous Iron System

Nationality  Vietnam


Ting Li ( AEG 2011 )

Master's Thesis  Experimental Investigation of Diffusive Isotope Fractionation of Organic Contaminants

Nationality  China

Eduardo Emilio Sánchez León ( AEG 2011 )


Master's Thesis  Inversion of Collected Transient Pumping Test Data using Hydrogeosphere and PEST. Case Study: Lauswiesen Test Site, Germany

Last Known Occupation  Universität Tübingen/Germany --- Postdoctoral Researcher

Nationality  Mexico


Hong Shen ( AEG 2011 )


Master's Thesis  Cost Estimation of in-situ Chemical Oxidation

Nationality  China

Henrique Trópia Granja Guerzoni ( AEG 2011 )


Master's Thesis  Reactive Transport Model of Acid Mine Drainage Generation in a Waste Rock Pile at Osamu Utsumi Mine (Brazil)

Nationality  Brazil

Jiawei Zhang ( AEG 2011 )

Master's Thesis  Visualization of the Nile Red Distribution in Polyoxymethylene and Polyethylene During Sorption Processes

Ziyue Zhu ( AEG 2011 )


Nationality  China

Alumni AEG 2010


Sasikunya Cheuyglintase ( AEG 2010 )


Master's Thesis  Electron (De)Localization after Fe2+ Sorption to Iron Oxide-Hydroxide Surfaces

Nationality  Thailand


Lorenz Dobramysl ( AEG 2010 )


Master's Thesis  Transport and Stability of Selected Trace Pollutants in the River Ammer

Nationality  Austria


Martin Gritsch ( AEG 2010 )


Master's Thesis  The Resazurin Smart Tracer System in Gravelbars and Columns

Last Known Occupation  Ingeniería y Gestión Hídrica IGH/Mexico --- Hydrogeologist/Groundwater Modeling Specialist

Nationality  Austria

Ana Gabriela Gutiérrez Cirlos Maraña ( AEG 2010 )


Master's Thesis  Evaluation of a Flux-Weighing Sampling Device using Borehole Flowmeter and Tracer Experiments

Nationality  Mexico

Kudrat Isabaev ( AEG 2010 )


Master's Thesis  Geostatistical Inference of Hydraulic Conductivity using Hydraulic Tomography at the Lauswiesen Test Site

Last Known Occupation  Wood, Newcastle upon Tyne/UK --- Senior Groundwater Modeller

Nationality  Uzbekistan


Tiansheng Li ( AEG 2010 )


Master's Thesis  Quantifying Contributions from different Sources into Ammer River using End-Member Mixing Analysis (EMMA)

Nationality  China

Md. Muniruzzaman ( AEG 2010 )


Master's Thesis  Transport of Electrolytes in a 2-D Flow-Through System: Experimental Investigation and Numerical Modeling

Last Known Occupation  Geological Survey of Finland --- Research Scientist

Nationality  Bangladesh

Talgatbek Muratbayev ( AEG 2010 )


Master's Thesis  Methane Production from the Hydrothermal Transformation of Siderite to Magnetite

Nationality  Kazakhstan


Igor Pavlovskiy ( AEG 2010 )


Master's Thesis  Determination for the Groundwater Supply Wells: Study in the Ammer Valley, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Last Known Occupation  University of Calgary/Canada --- PhD Student

Nationality  Russia


Nitsan Shakked ( AEG 2010 )

Master's Thesis  Evaluation of Recharge Scenarios of Long Term Averaged Groudwater Recharge using Model Analysis of Flow Paths and Travel Times

Nationality  Israel

Jorge Skrainka Fabbiani ( AEG 2010 )


Master's Thesis  Geophysical Monitoring of Heat Tracer Experiments using Electrical Resistivity Tomography (ERT)

Nationality  Venezuela

Julia Vilches Jarnés ( AEG 2010 )


Master's Thesis  Comparison and Evaluation of different Electrical Resistivity Tomography (ERT) Methodes and Arrays for Geoelectrical Characterization of the Lauswiesen Test Site

Nationality  Venezuela


Ksenia Voronina ( AEG 2010 )

Master's Thesis  Small-Scale River Hydraulics Modelling Study of Steinlach River Test Site using HEC-RAS

Nationality Canada


Bo Wang ( AEG 2010 )


Master's Thesis  Hydrogeophysical Inversion of Tracer Tests Monitored by Electrical Resistivity Tomography Using the Ensemble Kalman Filter

Last Known Occupation  Universität Kiel/Germany --- PhD Student

Nationality  China

Yu Ye ( AEG 2010 )


Master's Thesis  Detection of Disinfection By-products in Swimming Pools with Field Asymmetric Ion Mobility Spectrometry

Last Known Occupation  Hohai University, Nanjing/China --- Associate Professor

Nationality  China


Berik Yerbossynov ( AEG 2010 )


Master's Thesis  Diffusion of Oxygen in Clay Soils

Nationality  Kazakhstan


Shenghua Yue ( AEG 2010 )


Master's Thesis  Modeling Reductive Biodegradation of Chlorinated Ethenes

Nationality  China

Alumni AEG 2009

Maria Cristina Castillo Alvarez ( AEG 2009 )


Master's Thesis  Tracing Hyporheic Exchange Flow Paths and Travel Time Distributions with Hydrochemistry and Oxygen Isotopes of Water

Nationality  Mexico

Kennedy Okioghene Doro ( AEG 2009 )


Master's Thesis  A First Geophysical and Hydrogeological Characterization of the Steinlach River Loop Area in Tuebingen, Germany

Last Known Occupation  University of Toledo/USA --- Assistant Professor

Nationality Nigeria

Selcuk Erol ( AEG 2009 )


Master's Thesis  Estimation of Heat Extraction Rates of GSHP Systems under Different Hydrogeological Conditions

Nationality  Turkey

Gejun Jia ( AEG 2009 )

Nationality  China


Jiaxian Liu ( AEG 2009 )


Master's Thesis  Magnetic Mineral Formations related to Groundwater Fluctuation and Hydrocarbon Contamination

Nationality  China

Jiefei Mao ( AEG 2009 )


Master's Thesis  Possible Association of Ferrous Phosphates and Ferric Sulfats in S-rich Soil on Mars

Nationality  China

Sonakshi Mishra ( AEG 2009 )


Master's Thesis  Aerobic Biodegradation of Benzotriazoles and Analysis of Metabolites

Nationality  India


Kirsten Oswald ( AEG 2009 )


Master's Thesis  Microbial Iron Mineral Formation and Dissolution: Creating a Biogeochemical Iron Cycle in a Bottle

Last Known Occupation  ETH Zürich/Switzerland -- Project Manager Communications

Nationality  Germany

Ana Gabriela Vizcaíno Pérez ( AEG 2009 )


Master's Thesis  Development of a Groundwater Sampling System based on the "Silicone Membrane Equilibrator"

Nationality  Mexico

Zhengrong Xue ( AEG 2009 )

Nationality  China

Alumni AEG 2008

Ankita Bhansali ( AEG 2008 )


Master's Thesis  Microbial Diversity and Iron Metabolism in Salt Lake Sediments from Southern Russia

Nationality  India

Liwan Cao ( AEG 2008 )


Master's Thesis  Environmental Pollution in the Area of Linfen City, China

Last Known Occupation  China University of Geosciences, Beijing/China --- Scientist

Nationality  China


Wadzanai Chimhanda ( AEG 2008 )


Master's Thesis  Hydrogeochemical and Isotopic Investigations of the Mine Water in the 1B Mine Pool of the Sydney Coal Field, Nova Scotia, Canada

Last Known Occupation  Johannesburg/South Africa --- Hydrogeologist

Nationality  Zimbabwe


Maria Gabriela Fuenmayor Siciliano ( AEG 2008 )


Master's Thesis  International Techno-Econimic Analysis OF Ground Source Heart Pump Systems

Nationality  Venezuela

Georgia Kastanioti ( AEG 2008 )


Master's Thesis  Seasonal Storage of Heat in the Unsaturated Zone

Last Known Occupation  Geological Survey/Greece

Nationality  Greece

Oz Nahum ( AEG 2008 )

Master's Thesis Development and Evaluation of a Sequential Non Iterative Approach for Multicomponent Reactive Transport

Last Known Occupation  noris network AG/Germany --- Senior IT Architect

Nationality  Israel

Malgorzata Stylo ( AEG 2008 )


Master's Thesis  Iron converting Processes throughout the Redox Gradient in Freshwater Sediments

Nationality  Poland

Huixiao Wang ( AEG 2008 )


Master's Thesis  Experimental Investigation of Diffusion and Dispersion of Conservative Tracers in Saturated Porous Media

Nationality  China

Ningjun Wang ( AEG 2008 )


Master's Thesis  Modeling of Drinking Water Extraction in A Quarternary Valley-Fill Aquifer

Nationality  China

Reza Zolfaghari ( AEG 2008 )


Master's Thesis  Modeling of Persulfate Injection into Fractured Porous Rock

Last Known Occupation  Helmholtz-Zentrum für Umweltforschung - UFZ, Leipzig/Germany --- PhD Student

Nationality  Afghanistan

Alumni AEG 2007


James Baffoe ( AEG 2007 )


Master's Thesis  Magnetic Response of FE-Mineral Changes in the Zone of Groundwater Fluctuation within Hydrocarbon Contaminated Sites

Nationality  Ghana

Lorena Alejandra Bello Rujana ( AEG 2007 )


Master's Thesis  Verification and Validation of MT3DMS for Heat Transport Simulation of Shallow Open-Loop Geothermal Systems

Nationality  Venezuela

Gabriele Chiogna ( AEG 2007 )


Master's Thesis  Relevance of Compound Dependent Dispersion Coefficients for Modeling of Mixing-Controlled Reactive Transport

Last Known Occupation  TU München/Germany --- Research Associate  +  Universität Innsbruck/Austria --- Professor

Nationality  Italy

Behnam Doulatyari ( AEG 2007 )

Master's Thesis  Effect of Ethanol on Gasohol Spills in the Unsaturated Zone

Nationality  Canada

Ahmed El Shall ( AEG 2007 )


Master's Thesis  Practical Design Optimization of Pump and Treat Systems at Complex Real-World Sites Using Evolution Strategies

Last Known Occupation  Florida State University, Tallahassee/USA --- Postdoctoral Research Associate

Nationality  Egypt

Anja Freund ( AEG 2007 )

Master's Thesis  Identification of Flow Paths and Travel Times in an Alluvial Aquifer using Natural Tracers and Tracer Tests

Nationality  Germany

Kinza Haider ( AEG 2007 )


Master's Thesis  The Evaluation of the Suitability of Surface Wave Seismic methods for the Characterization of the Near Surface Zone

Last Known Occupation  Rambøll Denmark --- Senior Engineer

Nationality  Pakistan

Farhana Huq ( AEG 2007 )


Master's Thesis  Geochemical Changes in Reservoir Rocks upon CO2 Injection

Last Known Occupation  fortiss GmbH, München/Germany --- Project Manager

Nationality  Bangladesh

Biao Jin ( AEG 2007 )


Master's Thesis  Implementation and Evaluation of Compound Specific Chlorine Isotope Analysis of Chlorinated Ethenes using GC/MS

Last Known Occupation  Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry/China --- Associate Professor

Nationality  China

Shuang Jin ( AEG 2007 )


Master's Thesis  Geostatistical Modeling of Shallow Open Geothermal Systems

Nationality  China

Meenakshi Loganathan ( AEG 2007 )

Nationality  India


Avneesh Nayal ( AEG 2007 )


Master's Thesis  Establishing a Visibility Based Discharge for Marine Disposal of Mine Water

Last Known Occupation  ERM, Gurgaon/India --- Consultant

Nationality  India

Stephane Ngueleu Kamangou ( AEG 2007 )


Master's Thesis  Integrated Hydrogeological Investigations on the Vulnerability of a Pumping Station at a Losing Stream

Last Known Occupation  University of Waterloo/Canada --- Postdoctoral Researcher

Nationality  Cameroon

Gobinda Ojha ( AEG 2007 )


Master's Thesis  Field and Laboratory Measurements for a Demonstration Project of using Magnetic Proxies for Heavy Metal Detection

Nationality  Nepal

Lauren Samara Raghoo ( AEG 2007 )


Master's Thesis  Diffusion of Dissolved CO2 in (Saturated) Sandstones

Nationality  Trinidad and Tobago

Berhanu Tilahun Workie ( AEG 2007 )


Master's Thesis  Application of GIS for the Evaluation of Groundwater Vulnerability in Bahir Dar Area, Ethiopia

Nationality  Ethiopia

Alumni AEG 2006

Ivana Cvijanovic ( AEG 2006 )

Master's Thesis  The Influence of Shallow Subsurface Moisture and Heat Transport on the Mass and Energy Balances at the Land Surface

Last Known Occupation  Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory/USA --- Postdoctoral Researcher

Nationality  Serbia

Viachaslau Filimonau ( AEG 2006 )


Master's Thesis  How much Groundwater is available on the Continents? How much can we use?

Last Known Occupation  Bournemouth University/UK

Nationality  Belorussia

Irfan Ghani ( AEG 2006 )


Master's Thesis  Geoelectrical Study of the Basin Fill near Blaubeuren

Nationality  Pakistan

Zanist Q. Hama-Aziz ( AEG 2006 )


Master's Thesis  Comparison of Leaching Tests for PAHs Contaminated Soils

Last Known Occupation  Sulaimani University/Iraq --- Assistant Lecturer

Nationality  Iraq

Jozsef Hecht Méndez ( AEG 2006 )


Master's Thesis  Implementation and Verification of the Solute Transport Code MT3DMS for Groundwater Heat Transport Modelling

Last Known Occupation  Amberg Technologies AG, Regensdorf-Watt/Switzerland --- Geophysicist

Nationality  Venezuela

Tao Li ( AEG 2006 )


Master's Thesis  Evaluation of a Thermal Tracer Test in a Porous Aquifer

Nationality  China

Nelson Alejandro Molina Giraldo ( AEG 2006 )


Master's Thesis  Verification of MT3DMS as Heat Transport Code Using Analytical Solutions

Last Known Occupation  Fluid Domains Inc., Cochrane/Canada --- Senior Scientist

Nationality  Colombia

Chisenga Mulenga ( AEG 2006 )


Master's Thesis  Development of an Experimental Protocol for the Separation of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons from Complex Mixtures

Last Known Occupation  Vertex Professional Services Ltd., Edmonton/Canada --- Senior Hydrogeologist

Nationality  Zambia

Stephen Oyewale ( AEG 2006 )


Master's Thesis  Measurement of Activated Carbon Isotherms Combined with Numerical Modelling

Nationality  Ghana

Pejman Rasouli ( AEG 2006 )


Master's Thesis  Numerical Verification of Shallow Geothermal Models using FEFLOW

Nationality  Iran

Uwe Schneidewind ( AEG 2006 )


Master's Thesis  Determination of the Hydraulic Conductivity using Direct-Push Injection Logger

Last Known Occupation  University of Birmingham/UK --- Postdoc

Nationality  Germany

Ye Shen ( AEG 2006 )

Master's Thesis  Change in Magnetic Properties Due to Fluctuations in Hydrocarbon Contaminated Groundwater Table

Nationality  China

Ashutosh Singh ( AEG 2006 )


Master's Thesis  Modelling of a Cement/Clay Interface

Last Known Occupation  WSP Sweden --- Consultant

Nationality  India

Katarzyna Zajac ( AEG 2006 )

Master's Thesis  Influence of the Neckar River and Subsurface Mineral Springs on the Inorganic Chemistry in a Polluted Gasworks Site: New Results from Evaluating Local Inorganic Chemistry

Nationality  Poland

Ke Zhu ( AEG 2006 )


Master's Thesis  Numerical Evaluation and Interpretation of Thermal Response Test Data

Nationality  China

Alumni AEG 2005

Junior Alfredo Aramayo Cahuana ( AEG 2005 )

Master's Thesis  Parameter Estimation by Evolutionary Algorithms: Application to a Soil Model

Nationality  Peru

Gisela Campillo Bermudo ( AEG 2005 )


Master's Thesis  Evaluation of the ENBW Subsidy Program for Ground Source Heat Pump Systems with Statistical Tool and Geographical Information Systems

Last Known Occupation  European Commission, Brussels/Belgium --- Program Manager

Nationality  Spain

David Ellul ( AEG 2005 )


Master's Thesis  Environmental Policy Changes in the Past and Their Implications to Contaminated Land Management

Last Known Occupation  Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Malta

Nationality  Malta

Carlos Iturralde Torrico ( AEG 2005 )


Master's Thesis  Methods for the Estimation of the Transversal Dispersivity using Field Data and Analytical Solutions

Last Known Occupation  BGC Engineering, Vancouver/Canada --- Geotechnical Engineer

Nationality  Bolivia

Trupti Kadam ( AEG 2005 )


Master's Thesis  A Geochemical Atlas and Evaluation of Natural and Anthropogenic Influences on the Water Chemistry of the Danube River and its Basin

Last Known Occupation  Mitcon Environment Management and Engineering Consultancy/India

Nationality  India

Faisal Khan ( AEG 2005 )


Master's Thesis  The Influence of Temporally Variable Groundwater Flow Conditions on Biodegradation and the Assessment of Contaminant Mass Fluxes and Natural Attenuation Rate Constants

Nationality  Pakistan

Ismet Özdemir ( AEG 2005 )


Master's Thesis  Ranking of Contaminated Land Management Options under Time-variant Boundary Conditions

Last Known Occupation  RWTH Aachen/Germany --- Research Assistant

Nationality  Turkey

Sharonne Park ( AEG 2005 )


Master's Thesis  Modelling the Contaminant Release from NAPL Sources: Is there a Way to Reduce Computational Costs?

Last Known Occupation  Jacobs, Seattle/USA --- Water Project Manager

Nationality  USA

Nathalie Desirée Pérez Rodríguez ( AEG 2005 )


Master's Thesis  Investigation of Stable Isotope Fractionation during Reductive Dechlorination of Dichloroethene and Vinylchloride

Last Known Occupation  Sweco Environment/Sweden --- Environmental Consultant

Nationality  Venezuela

Birendra Sapkota ( AEG 2005 )


Master's Thesis  Investigation of Coal-Fired Power Plant Fly Ash and Magnetic Tracer Test in Soil

Last Known Occupation  WorleyParsons/Canada --- Environmental Scientist

Nationality  Nepal

Haibing Shao ( AEG 2005 )


Master's Thesis  The Extension of Marching Cube Algorithm and its Application in 3D Geo-System Modeling

Last Known Occupation  Helmholtz-Zentrum für Umweltforschung - UFZ, Leipzig/Germany --- Junior Professor

Nationality China

Valentina Soares da Cruz ( AEG 2005 )


Master's Thesis  Magnetic Detection of Heavy Metal Contamination in Soils-Optimisation of Field Routines

Last Known Occupation  CGGVeritas/UK --- Geophysicist

Nationality Portugal

Prakash Srinivasan ( AEG 2005 )


Master's Thesis  Determination of Partition Coefficients of PAHs between Coal Tar and Water Phases

Last Known Occupation  Dr. Knoell Consult GmbH/Germany --- Environmental Fate Modeller

Nationality  Germany

Fei Wu ( AEG 2005 )


Master's Thesis  Experimental Determination of the Subcooled Liquid Solubilities of PAHs

Nationality  China

Atul Yadav ( AEG 2005 )


Master's Thesis  Review of Reservoir Stimulation Techniques

Last Known Occupation  DEA Deutsche Erdöl AG, Hamburg/Germany --- Reservoir Simulation Engineer

Nationality  Germany

Albert Yeboah-Forson ( AEG 2005 )


Master's Thesis  Impact of Uncertainty Estimation on Early Assessment of Technology Options in Contaminated Land Management

Last Known Occupation  Missouri Southern State University, Joplin/USA --- Assistant Professor

Nationality  Ghana

Kemal Yildizdag ( AEG 2005 )


Master's Thesis  Thermal, Mechanic and Hydraulic (THM) Coupling of 2D Tunnel Application

Last Known Occupation  BGE Bundesgesellschaft für Endlagerung mbH, Hannover/Germany --- Project Engineer

Nationality  Turkey

Ye Zhao ( AEG 2005 )


Master's Thesis  Environmental Magnetic Evaluation of a Former Military Airbase (Hradcany, Czech Republic)

Last Known Occupation  Nu Instruments Ametek/UK --- Isotopic Analysis Product Manager

Nationality  UK

Alumni AEG 2004

Oxana Botalova ( AEG 2004 )


Master's Thesis  Sorption-Related Isotope Fractionation

Last Known Occupation  Vector-Medica, Novosibirsk/Russia --- Analytical Chemist

Nationality  Russia

Omar Bou Ghannam ( AEG 2004 )


Master's Thesis  Determination of the Hydraulic Conductivity using Direct-Push Methods

Last Known Occupation  ETA ASCON, Dubai/UAE --- Geotechnical Engineer

Nationality  Lebanon

Cecilia De Biase ( AEG 2004 )


Master's Thesis  Evaluation of Natural Attenuation Enhancement by Hydrogen Peroxide Injection into Groundwater at a PAH and NSO-Heterocyclic Contaminated Site

Nationality  Argentina

Emre Duran ( AEG 2004 )


Master's Thesis  Optimisation of a Groundwater Extraction System at Duisburg-Aldenrade

Last Known Occupation  ENCON, Ankara/Turkey --- Mining Engineer, Environmental Consultant

Nationality  Turkey

Adrian Flores-Orozco ( AEG 2004 )


Master's Thesis  Comparison of DC-Surface, Direct Push and Borehole Geoelectrical Configurations - Montoring Meassurements during the MOSAM Test in Leipzig

Last Known Occupation  Universität Bonn/Germany --- Scientist

Nationality  Mexico

Jing Han ( AEG 2004 )


Master's Thesis  Combining Pump-and-Treat and Physical Barriers for Contaminant Plume Control using Geosys/Rockflow

Last Known Occupation  Beijing Zhilin (Hangzhou) Law Firm/China --- Director/Lawyer/IP Attorney

Nationality  China

Florian Hegler ( AEG 2004 )


Master's Thesis  Anoxygenic Photosynthetic Fe(II)-Oxidizers- Physiological and Mineral Studies

Nationality  Germany

Isabel Heymanns ( AEG 2004 )


Master's Thesis  An Assessment of a Contaminated Site

Last Known Occupation  Victoria University of Wellington/New Zealand --- Research Assistant

Nationality  Germany

Sonia Huelin Santamaría ( AEG 2004 )


Master's Thesis  Identification and Characterization of Cell-Mineral Aggregates Formed by Anoxygenic Phototrophic Fe(II)-Oxidizing Bacteria

Last Known Occupation  WorleyParsons Komex, Madrid/Spain

Nationality  Spain

Vesna Micic ( AEG 2004 )


Master's Thesis  Natural Attenuation at a Former Gasworks Site

Last Known Occupation  University of Vienna/Austria --- Post-doctoral fellow

Nationality  Serbia

Rosa Maria Moreno Moreno ( AEG 2004 )


Master's Thesis  Analytical and Numerical Scenario Modelling for the Assessment of Steady State Plume Length in Contaminated Aquifers

Last Known Occupation  Amphos XXI Consulting S.L., Barcelona/Spain --- Hydrogeologist, Environmental Consultant

Nationality  Spain


Anssi Myrttinen ( AEG 2004 )

Master's Thesis  The Application of Two-Dimensional Model Simulations to an MTBE Plume at Pascoag, Rhode Island

Nationality  Finland

Kathryn Pooley ( AEG 2004 )


Master's Thesis  Model-Based Interpretation of Stable Isotope Field Data on the Source and Fate of Chlornated Solvents

Last Known Occupation  Alberta Geological Survey, Edmonton/Canada --- Senior Hydrologist

Nationality  Canada

Cristina Postigo Rebollo ( AEG 2004 )


Master's Thesis  Effects of Plant Transpiration on Water and Carbon Cycling in the Blautopf Catchment (South-West Germany)

Nationality  Spain

Sebastian Schädler ( AEG 2004 )

Master's Thesis  Microbe-Mineral Interactions: Imaging an Analysis by Electron Microscopic Techniques

Nationality  Germany

Tatjana Schneckenburger ( AEG 2004 )

Master's Thesis  Do Land Use Changes Enhance the Mobilisation of Colloids and Colloid Bound P from Andosols in the Lago di Vico Area, Central Italy?

Last Known Occupation  Umweltbundesamt, Bodenschutz/Germany --- Research Associate

Nationality  Germany

Ivonne Schwaar ( AEG 2004 )

Master's Thesis  Feasibility Study on the Application of Innovative Remediation Technologies at Chlorinated Solvent Contaminated Aquifers

Last Known Occupation  Forschungsinstitut für Rationalisierung e.V. an der RWTH Aachen/Germany

Nationality  Germany

Caesar Boitumelo Sebina ( AEG 2004 )


Master's Thesis  Groundwater Flow Characerizaton for the Ramotswa Dolomite and Lephala Aquifers, Ramotswa Village, Botswana: A Case Study

Last Known Occupation  Geoflux (Pty) Ltd/Botswana --- Geology and Water Resources Manager

Nationality  Botswana

Lenar Sultanov ( AEG 2004 )


Master's Thesis  Application of Supercritical CO2 for the Extraction of Geothermal Energy in Deep Crystalline Systems

Last Known Occupation  Water Management Consultants --- Hydrogeologist

Nationality  Russia

Wanjing Xu ( AEG 2004 )


Master's Thesis  Determination of Partition Coefficients between Coal Tar and Water: Evaluation of Polyparameter Linear Free Energy Relationship Application

Last Known Occupation  University of British Columbia, Vancouver/Canada --- Research Scientist

Nationality  China

Xue Yuan ( AEG 2004 )


Master's Thesis  Evaluation of In-tube extraction (ITEX) for GC-MS

Last Known Occupation  Redox International Consulting Co. Ltd., Beijing/China --- Project Manager

Nationality  China

Alumni AEG 2003

Yudi Ariyanto ( AEG 2003 )


Master's Thesis  An Empirical Study on Dam Failure in Karst Areas

Last Known Occupation  Halliburton, Jakarta Selatan/Indonesia --- Logging While Drilling Engineer

Nationality  Indonesia

Karina Ayala-Luis ( AEG 2003 )


Master's Thesis  Kinetics of Ptaquiloside Hydrolysis in Aqueous Solutions

Last Known Occupation  University of Copenhagen/Denmark --- Postdoc

Nationality  Peru

Satoshi Endo ( AEG 2003 )


Master's Thesis  Polyparameter Linear Free Energy Relationships in Environmental Chemistry: Evaluation of Solute Descriptors and Extension to Complex Organic Mixtures

Last Known Occupation  National Institute for Environmental Studies, Tsukuba/Japan --- Senior Researcher

Nationality  Japan

Maria Herold ( AEG 2003 )


Master's Thesis  GeoSys/RockFlow as a Tool for Groundwater Management and Contamination Risk Assessment Modelling: Application for Nagold Stadtwerk

Last Known Occupation  Universität Göttingen/Germany --- Research Associate

Nationality  Germany

Jie Jiang ( AEG 2003 )

Master's Thesis  Microbial and Chemical Reduction of Humic Substances and Redox Restrictions on Arsenic with HS

Last Known Occupation  Nanjing University/China --- Professor

Nationality  China

Lucila Lantschner ( AEG 2003 )


Master's Thesis  Cost-Efficient Remediation of Multiple Contaminant Plumes using a Differentiated Capture Approach

Last Known Occupation  EnviroCentre, Glasgow/UK --- Environmental Consultant

Nationality  Argentina


Sanheng Liu ( AEG 2003 )


Master's Thesis  Monitoring Multiple Wells to Assess Contaminant Mass Discharge: Magnitude of Uncertainties Based on Various Monitoring Experiences

Nationality  China

Fernando Mazo D'Affonseca ( AEG 2003 )


Master's Thesis  Modeling the Depletion of a Coal Tar Creosote DNAPL Contamination at a Former Wood Treatment Plant

Last Known Occupation  TIMGEO GmbH, Tübingen/Germany --- CEO

Nationality  Brazil

Ursula Solard McKnight ( AEG 2003 )


Master's Thesis  Model-based Quantitative Assessment and Prediction of Risks and Risk-Reduction Options at a Petrochemical Site

Last Known Occupation  Technical University of Denmark/Denmark --- Assistant Professor

Nationality  USA

Luis Gerardo Navarro Aceves ( AEG 2003 )


Master's Thesis  Redox Properties of Humic Substances: Electrochemical Reduction, Role of Humic-Complexed Iron and Redox Reactions with Arsenic

Last Known Occupation  GICONSA de CV, Tepatitlán/Mexico --- Production/Sales Manager

Nationality  Mexico

Shristi Rajbhandari Shrestha ( AEG 2003 )


Master's Thesis  Simple Water Treatment Technologies for Nepal

Nationality  Nepal

Gillian Walshe Langford ( AEG 2003 )


Master's Thesis  Mobility and Inhibitory Effects of Pharmaceuticals in Soil Irrigated with Mexiko City Wastewater

Last Known Occupation  University of Tennessee, Knoxville/USA --- Postdoc

Nationality  Ireland

Lunliang Zhang ( AEG 2003 )


Master's Thesis  Simulation of the Transport of N-Heterocyclic Organic Compounds in Water Saturated Porous Media

Nationality  China

Alumni AEG 2002


Eric Appiah Agyapong ( AEG 2002 )


Master's Thesis  Integrated Groundwater Management: Application of Source Functions to Model Basin Water Resources Using finte Element Approach

Last Known Occupation  Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi/Ghana --- Lecturer

Nationality  Ghana

Weihua Bian ( AEG 2002 )


Master's Thesis  Natural Attenuation of Lindane and its a, ß Isomers via Dehydrochlorination and Reductive Reactions in Various Mineral Suspensions

Last Known Occupation  Jilin University, Changchun/China --- Professor (Associate)

Nationality  China

Sergiu Budesteanu ( AEG 2002 )


Master's Thesis  Hydraulic Containment of a Plume with Variable Natural Contaminant Degradation: Implementation, Modelling and Optimisation

Last Known Occupation  Millennium Challenge Account Moldova/Moldova --- Environmental Expert

Nationality  Moldova

Martin Christ ( AEG 2002 )


Master's Thesis  Generation of Feature Lines from Point Clouds

Last Known Occupation  ERM/Korea --- Senior Consultant

Nationality  Germany

José Guillermo De Aguinaga Ruiz Esparza ( AEG 2002 )

Master's Thesis  Generation of 2D Fractal Fracture Zones for Application in Finite Element Models

Last Known Occupation  Bauhaus-Universität Weimar/Germany --- Postdoc

Nationality  Mexico

Markus Hirsch ( AEG 2002 )

Master's Thesis  Geophysical Survey on the Pine Creek Field Site, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Last Known Occupation  Helmholtz-Zentrum für Umweltforschung - UFZ, Leipzig/Germany --- Scientist

Nationality  Germany

Marta Hoppe ( AEG 2002 )


Master's Thesis  Vertical Susceptibility Profiling in Polluted Soils of the Lausitz Area- Analysis of Magnetic Particle Distribution and Spatial Variability of Magnetic Signal

Nationality  Poland

Lihua Liu ( AEG 2002 )

Master's Thesis  Release of Organic Pollutants from Coal Tar Aged under Well-Controlled Conditions

Last Known Occupation  Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion/China --- Associated Professor

Nationality  China

Hui-I Lo ( AEG 2002 )


Master's Thesis  Characterization of Freshwater Naphthalene-Degrading Culture N47 and Metabolites Detection of a Novel Biphenyl-Degrading Enrichment Culture under Sulfate Reducing Conditions

Last Known Occupation  TU Darmstadt/Germany

Nationality  Taiwan

Carolina Massmann ( AEG 2002 )


Master's Thesis  Simplicity vs. Complexity in Tracer Test Modelling

Nationality  Germany

Monica Pandele ( AEG 2002 )


Master's Thesis  Life Cycle Assessment of Monitored and Enhanced Natural Attenuation

Last Known Occupation  ERM, Perth/Australia --- Consultant

Nationality  Romania

Emmanuel Pepprah ( AEG 2002 )


Master's Thesis  Void Evolution in Soluble Rocks beneath Dams under Limited Flow Condition

Last Known Occupation  C.C. Johnson & Malhotra, Washington DC/USA --- Environmental Engineer

Nationality  Ghana

Vladimir Pinaev ( AEG 2002 )


Master's Thesis  Modelling of Natural Attenuation of Chlorinated Solvents Constituents from an Emplaced Source in a Virtual Aquifer

Last Known Occupation  Moscow/Russia --- Environmental Consultant

Nationality  Russia

Nicole Posth, née Schmid ( AEG 2002 )


Master's Thesis  Contaminant Threshold Concentrations in Bacterial Mineralization of Individual Petroleum Hydrocarbons

Nationality  Germany

Moti Lal Rijal ( AEG 2002 )


Master's Thesis  Investigation of Environmental Magnetism in Polluted Soils near the Donawitz Steel Mill, Leoben, Austria

Nationality  Nepal

Hoa Thi Trinh ( AEG 2002 )

Master's Thesis  Quantification of Components of the Nitrogen Balance in a Cambisol Soil under Different Tillage Practices

Nationality  Vietnam

Jörn Tonnius ( AEG 2002 )


Master's Thesis  Development and Application of a Method for Redox-Zonation via Hydrogen Concentrations

Last Known Occupation  SGD Süd/Germany --- Environmental Geologist

Nationality  Germany

Alumni AEG 2001

Wilfred Akah ( AEG 2001 )


Master's Thesis  Geophysical Investigation of a Gravel Aquifer using Seismic Tomography

Last Known Occupation  CH2M Hill, Sacramento/USA --- Hydrogeologist

Nationality  Ghana

Edward Akwasi Amankwah ( AEG 2001 )


Master's Thesis  Modelling of Sorption and Desorption Hysteresis Phenomena

Last Known Occupation  Matrix Solution Inc., Calgary/Canada --- Environmental Geoscientist

Nationality  Ghana

Nengti Arda Borkhataria ( AEG 2001 )


Master's Thesis  Integrated High-Resolution 3D Aquifer Modeling of Quarternary Glaciolacustrine Delta-Foresets, Tettnang, Germany

Last Known Occupation  Horizon Energy Partners B.V., Den Haag/The Netherlands

Nationality  Indonesia

Hans Peter Arp ( AEG 2001 )


Master's Thesis  The Role of Temperature on the Environmental Fate of MTBE and Alternatives

Last Known Occupation  Norwegian Geotechnical Institute, Oslo & Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim/Norway --- Senior Specialist & Professor

Nationality  Canada, Germany

Wutian Cai ( AEG 2001 )


Master's Thesis  Modelling the Effects of Enhanced Solute Spreading in the Unsaturated Zone on the Bioavailability of Contaminants

Last Known Occupation  China Geological Survey, Baoding/China --- Project Manager

Nationality  China

Dai Chen-Brauchler ( AEG 2001 )

Master's Thesis  Carbon Isotope Fractionation in Batch Experiments of TCE Degradation using Valent Iron (Fe0) from PRBs

Last Known Occupation  Bundesanstalt für Geowissenschaften und Rohstoffe, Hannover/Germany

Nationality  China

Heather Davidson ( AEG 2001 )


Master's Thesis  Using Life Cycle Assessment Technolgies to Determine Environmental Costs of an ENA-Based Remediation Technology Compared with Conventional Technologies

Last Known Occupation  ENSR International, Westford/USA --- Hydrogeologist

Nationality  USA

Lidia Helena Gossmann, née Abdul Aziz ( AEG 2001 )

Master's Thesis  Hydrogeochemical Transport Modelling of Isotopic Fractionation Effects during Trichloroethylene Degradation in Zero Valent Iron Columns

Last Known Occupation  GHD, Perth/Australia --- Environmental Hydrogeologist

Nationality  Malaysia

Simon Gossmann ( AEG 2001 )


Master's Thesis  Transport of Phenanthrene Adsorbed to Carbonaceous Particles in Water-Saturated Activated Carbon

Last Known Occupation  Arrow Energy, Brisbane/Australia --- Hydrogeologist

Nationality  Australia

Egle Kairiene, née Grinkeviciute ( AEG 2001 )


Master's Thesis  Directional and Pressure Dependent Permeability: Effect of Effective Stress and Poroelestic Deformation on Heat Transfer in a Geothermal Reservoir, Application to German Continental Deep

Last Known Occupation  Environmental Protection Agency, Vilnius/Lithuania --- Chief Specialist

Nationality  Lithuania

Tuzeen Kausar ( AEG 2001 )


Master's Thesis  3D Stochastic Modelling of Aquifer Properties in a Fluvial Setting Based on Geophysical Measurements in the Framework of the RETZINA Project

Last Known Occupation  EBA Engineering Consultants Ltd., Calgary/Canada --- Environmental Scientist

Nationality  Canada

Paola Mancini ( AEG 2001 )


Master's Thesis  Geometric Modelling of Engineered Barrier System for Waste Isolation

Last Known Occupation  Saanio & Riekkola Oy, Helsinki/Finland --- Geologist, 3D Modeler

Nationality  Italy


Benedict Miles ( AEG 2001 )


Master's Thesis  1-Dimensional Modeling of Volatilization and Dissolution of Kerosene in the Unsaturated Zone at Flughafen Niedergörsdorf

Last Known Occupation  BASF SE, Limburgerhof/Germany --- Environmental Modeller

Nationality  UK

Maria Morato Garcia ( AEG 2001 )

Master's Thesis  Ground Penetrating Radar and Vertical Electrical Sounding in Peat Bogs

Last Known Occupation  Wintershall Holding AG, Kassel/Germany --- Exploration Geologist

Nationality  Spain


Andry Lazamanana Randriamanjatosoa ( AEG 2001 )

Master's Thesis  Dependencies of Heat Transfer on Fluid Properties along a Fracture in Geothermal Reservoir Modelling, Application to the German Continental Deep Drilling Program (KTB)

Last Known Occupation  Magotteaux Australia Pty. Ltd. --- Project Metallurgist

Simeon Valtchev ( AEG 2001 )


Master's Thesis  Modeling of Natural Attenuation of Creosote Constituents of the Borden Emplaced Source Plume

Last Known Occupation  Mouchel Parkman Services Ltd., Bristol/UK --- Hydrogeologist

Nationality  Bulgaria


Robert Walsh ( AEG 2001 )


Master's Thesis  Testing the Effectiveness of PEST Calibration Software in Complex and Highly Transient Conditions

Last Known Occupation  Geofirma Engineering Ltd., Ottawa/Canada --- Numerical Modeller

Nationality  Canada

Jian Yang ( AEG 2001 )


Master's Thesis  Deriving the Relationship between Biomass Yield and Redox Potential (Eh) of Fe(III) Chelate Complexes for Deducing the Eh of Ferrihydrite

Last Known Occupation  TEDA Environmental Protection Co. Ltd., Tianjin/China --- Engineer

Nationality  China

Yanchun Zhang ( AEG 2001 )

Master's Thesis  Aerobic Biodegradation in Anoxic Contaminant Plumes

Nationality  China

Alumni AEG 2000


Ingrid Engvall ( AEG 2000 )

Master's Thesis  A Comparison of the Water Cycle of a Greenhouse World and the Present Cool Climate based on Results from Global Climate Modelling

Nationality  Sweden

Vladimir Kalinski ( AEG 2000 )


Master's Thesis  Environmental Hotspot Screening/Monitoring in Spremberg and Weißwasser Area, Germany: Detailed Surface/Soil Profile Magnetics

Last Known Occupation  Independent Consultant / Environmental and Climate Change Expert

Nationality  Croatia

Sondra Klitzke ( AEG 2000 )


Master's Thesis  Influence of pH and Dissolved Organic Matter (DOM) on the Mobilisation of Colloid Bound Lead

Last Known Occupation  Umweltbundesamt, Berlin/Germany --- Research Associate

Nationality  Germany

Irina Kouznetsova ( AEG 2000 )

Master's Thesis  Optimal Design of Reactive Barriers Involving a Combined Remediation Technology

Last Known Occupation  Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne/Swiss --- Research Fellow

Nationality  Russia

Kimsan Mak ( AEG 2000 )


Master's Thesis  Quantification of Biodegradation of Aromatic Hydrocarbons in a Field Case: A Modelling Study based on Stable Isotope Fractionation

Last Known Occupation  Signet Mining Services/South Africa --- Technical Manager

Nationality  Malaysia

Riaz M. Mirza ( AEG 2000 )


Master's Thesis  Investigation Range of Slingram Measurements

Last Known Occupation   Simcoe Geoscience Limited, Toronto/Canada --- Director

Nationality  Pakistan

Alicia Molinero Garcia ( AEG 2000 )


Master's Thesis  Numerical Simulation of Coupled Sorption/Desorption and Biodegradation Processes in a Groundwater Treatment Reactor

Nationality  Spain

Cornelius Sandhu ( AEG 2000 )


Master's Thesis  A Sensitivity Analysis of Factors Affecting the Hydrological Atmosphere-Plant-Soil Cycle in a Semi-Arid Region

Last Known Occupation  Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Dresden/Germany --- Research Associate

Nationality  Germany

Marlin Schmidt ( AEG 2000 )


Master's Thesis  Sorption Kinetics of PAHs in the Unsaturated Zone

Last Known Occupation  Legislative Assembly of Alberta/Canada --- Minister of Advanced Education

Nationality  Canada

Sherif S. Shahatto ( AEG 2000 )


Master's Thesis  Environmental Impact of Development in Coastal Areas: Desalinisation

Last Known Occupation  Centre for Environment & Development for the Arab Region and Europe, Cairo/Egypt --- Senior Regional Expert

Nationality  Egypt

Claudette Spiteri ( AEG 2000 )


Master's Thesis  Environmental Hotspot Screening / Monitoring in Spremberg and Weißwasser Area Germany: Correlation Between Magnetic Proxies and Heavy Metal Contamination in Polluted Soils

Last Known Occupation  Deltares, Delft/The Netherlands --- Senior Advisor

Nationality  Malta

Miikka Tunturi ( AEG 2000 )
Master's Thesis Evaluation of Natural Attenuation at the Field Scale in Heterogeneous Aquifers
Last Known Occupation Co-operative Bionautit / Lamor Corporation, Riihimäki/Finland --- Environmental Remediation Specialist
Nationality Finland

Alumni AEG 1999

Stephen Bromley ( AEG 1999 )

Master's Thesis  Ketones as Partitioning Tracers: Laboratory Experiments and Quantitative Modelling

Nationality  Canada

Lirong Cheng ( AEG 1999 )


Master's Thesis  Modeling of Natural Attenuation of Creosote Constituents of the Borden Emplaced Source Plume

Last Known Occupation  Beijing Normal University/China --- Lecturer

Nationality  China

Ibolya Györösi ( AEG 1999 )

Master's Thesis  Interpretation and 3D CAD Visualization of Subsurface Geology

Last Known Occupation  General Electric/Germany --- Product Specialist

Nationality  Hungary

Robin Lynn Hughes ( AEG 1999 )


Master's Thesis  Development of an Automatic Modeling Tool for the Efficiency-Analysis and Optimization of Reactive Barrier Systems for Groundwater

Last Known Occupation  Virtus Global Partners, New York/USA --- Research Director

Nationality  USA

Attila Juhász ( AEG 1999 )


Master's Thesis  Field and Numerical Experiments to Determine the Hydraulic Properties of Gates Applied at the Funnel and Gate System at the Beka Site in Tübingen

Last Known Occupation  Saubermacher Ltd., Budapest/Hungary --- Project Manager

Nationality  Hungary

Victor Koukourechkov ( AEG 1999 )

Master's Thesis  Hydrogeological Parameter Investigation at the Natural Attenuation Reference Test Site Zeitz: Laboratory Experiments and Interpretation of Electrical Conductivity Borehole Logs

Nationality  Bulgaria

Kirsten Maciejczyk ( AEG 1999 )


Master's Thesis  Stable Carbon and Hydrogen Isotope Fractionation by Sorption of Benzene, Toluene and Xylene on Carbonaceous Samples

Last Known Occupation  Siemens AG, Hamburg/Germany --- EHS Manager - Offshore

Nationality  Germany

Vaidotas Miksys ( AEG 1999 )


Master's Thesis  Performing and Evaluation of Short Term Immission Pumping Tests and Flowmeter Measurements

Last Known Occupation  European Parliament/Luxembourg --- Translator

Nationality  Lithuania

Paul Murphy ( AEG 1999 )


Master's Thesis  Investigation of a Method for the Quantification of Phosphorous Fractions in Soil Solution Samples

Last Known Occupation  University College Dublin/Ireland --- Lecturer in Soil Science

Nationality  Ireland

Vitaly Rymkevich ( AEG 1999 )


Master's Thesis  N-, S-, and O-Heterocyclics Compounds in Coal Tar and Tar Contaminated Groundwater

Last Known Occupation  Bosch Siemens Hausgeräte Russland, St. Petersburg/Russia --- Quality Manager

Nationality  Belorussia

Peter Salamon ( AEG 1999 )


Master's Thesis  The Influence of Transient Flow on Biodegradation Rates in a 3-Dimensional Model

Last Known Occupation  European Commission, DG Joint Research Centre, Ispra/Italy --- Scientific Administrator

Nationality  Germany

Fabio Serapiglia ( AEG 1999 )


Master's Thesis  Effect of Physical Parameters on the Biodegradation of the Ammonium Contaminant Plume at the Osterhofen Site: Two and Three Dimensional Simulations

Last Known Occupation  Deutsche Bahn (FRS), Frankfurt/Germany --- Project Manager

Nationality  Italy, Ireland

Aziz Shaikh ( AEG 1999 )


Master's Thesis  Modelling of Nitrate Concentration in the Aquifer beneath the City of Larkana, Pakistan: Ground Water Quality Assessment and Development of Hazard Management Plan

Last Known Occupation  Tetra Tech, Calgary/Canada --- Principal Consultant

Nationality  Canada

Matthias Willmann ( AEG 1999 )


Master's Thesis  Void Evolution beneath Dams in Gypsum Environments

Last Known Occupation  ETH Zürich/Switzerland --- Postdoc

Nationality  Germany