Englisches Seminar

Anglophone Literary Cultures and Global South Studies

Anglophone Literary Cultures and Global South Studies at the University of Tübingen is an area of literary and cultural studies that focusses mainly on modern and contemporary literary and cultural studies across the non-Euro-American 'decolonizing' world. The area has been instrumental in establishing a large-scale BMBF/DAAD-funded network of partner universities in Africa, Asia and Latin America, in founding the Tübingen Interdisciplinary Centre for Global South Studies and in launching an MA programme in Global South Studies. 



Dr. Anya Heise-von der Lippe (Assistant Lecturer)

Prof. Dr. Dr. Russell West-Pavlov (Professor for Anglophone Literatures)



PhD Students

Susana Garbe

Arhea Marshall

Matthias Schmerold

Raghav Verma



DAAD/BMBF Thematic Network


Translating the Global South



Book series: Transdisciplinary Souths (Routledge)

Book series: Literary Cultures of the Global South (Routledge)

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Book series: CHALLENGES (Narr)