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M.A. American Studies

The M.A. program in American Studies offers comprehensive training in the methods and theories of the discipline as well as multifaceted knowledge and insights into the literatures, cultures, history, and society of the United States. The wide variety of courses in the program ranges from those on America’s colonial past and early literary and political culture to those covering contemporary themes in race, class, gender, ethnic, and regional studies. We pride ourselves on offering students from diverse cultural and academic backgrounds an interdisciplinary curriculum which emphasizes student autonomy as well as academic collaboration and exchange.

The four cornerstones of our M.A. program are: 

Analyzing the significance and impact of popular culture allows me to delve into the complexities of human behavior and societal dynamics.

Interview Qiqi Hu

Within this structure, students will apply the fundamental theoretical framework of American Studies to complete collaborative and independent research projects. Each year, our department welcomes a number of esteemed guest professors from international universities. Teaching lectures and seminars, our guests bring new and innovative research and perspectives to students of American Studies. Each student also has the opportunity to attend courses at other departments or faculties, thereby creating their own unique academic profile. In addition, students can introduce and discuss their M.A. Thesis projects in a colloquium comprising faculty, guests, and fellow students. Finally, we encourage the pursuit of practical skills and internships, which further prepare students for their future professions in academia, journalism and publishing, public relations, consulting, international organizations, new media, public administration and elsewhere.

All students of American Studies are encouraged to spend time in an English-speaking country – an invaluable opportunity for students to work with experienced professionals in a different academic environment. To make use of this option, students must apply before the start of the program. Up to two modules from the core curriculum can be done abroad.

The University of Tübingen has a long history of excellence in American Studies and provides students with outstanding study resources and conditions. Our various university libraries hold a large collection of books, journals, and media dealing with America, complemented by the collection of the local German-American Institute. Tübingen itself is one of Germany’s oldest, most attractive university towns, with a large and vibrant student population. The Stuttgart-Tübingen region offers a wide variety of internship opportunities at prominent cultural institutions and multinationals such as Daimler, Bosch, or Hugo Boss.