Englisches Seminar

Master English Literatures and Cultures

Our selective two-year Master programme in English Literatures and Cultures offers comprehensive training in the methods and theories of literary and cultural studies in order to enable students to engage with the literatures, cultures, histories and societies of the Anglophone world. The wide variety of courses in the programme encompass cultural developments from the early modern to the ‘postmodern’ periods. The Master programme aims to explore the relationship between literary texts and other types of text and media, thus creating a productive link between literary and cultural studies. The ability to critically analyse and reflect on texts of any kind constitutes the core principle underlying teaching and learning in this area.

The four core modules of the M.A. programme English Literatures and Cultures are:

  • Literary and Cultural Theory
  • Literature and Culture
  • Literary History
  • Culture and the Media

These core modules are supplemented by 

  • An Interdisciplinary Profile enabling students to attend courses at other departments or faculties, thereby creating a unique academic profile
  • Professional Experience via internships, teaching tutorials, becoming involved in editorial projects etc.
  • Research I and II including a colloquium in which students will present their M.A. thesis projects and independent studies
  • Some components in the supplementary curriculum can be replaced by three Digital Humanities modules which will yield an additional certificate of qualification

All students of English Literatures and Cultures are encouraged to spend time in an English-speaking country. This is an invaluable opportunity for students to work with experienced professionals in a different academic environment.

It is the aim of the programme to prepare students for their future professions in academia, journalism and publishing, public relations, consulting, international organizations, new media, public administration and elsewhere.

The University of Tübingen has a long history of excellence in English and Postcolonial Studies and provides students with outstanding study resources and conditions. Our various university libraries hold a large collection of books, journals, and media dealing with the Anglophone world. Tübingen itself is one of Germany’s oldest, most attractive university towns, with a large and vibrant student population.