Dr. Juan Hsiao-Mei 阮曉眉


Dr. Juan Hsiao-Mei 阮曉眉

Home Institiution:

Postdoctoral Fellows, the Institute of Social Sciences of the Academia Sinica, Taiwan

Duration of Stay:

June 25 to July 28, 2013


Juan Hsiao-Mei was born in Taichung, Taiwan. She received BA and MA (in Sociology) degrees from National Cheng-Chi University and PhD from Ludwig Maximilians University Munich, Germany. She is currently a post-doctoral fellow at Academia Sinica, Taipei. Her research interests, as reflected in her dissertation, can be outlined briefly in three dimensions. The first dimension is the image of humanity and the reconstruction of individual actions and identity, especially in the era of de-subjectivity, postmodernism and post-structuralism -- an issue on which she has presented a conference article, Real, too real, the multi-identities of modern human: The self-portrait of Taiwanese surrealistic painter Lin Hung-Ming as an example at the 2012 TSA Annual Meeting. Secondly, she is interested in processes of inclusion/exclusion and related issues, such as social integration, identity, stranger and strangeness -- an issue on which she have published an article: The Mechanisms of InclusionExclusion in a Functionally Differentiated Society: Foreign Brides in Taiwan as an Example. Thirdly, her interest lies in the reality, knowledge and “ontological being” of constructionism. With interests spanning these three research fields, my aim is to build a sociological-ontology, which brings current practices into focus. She takes as a starting point the position that self- and cultural-identity, reality and knowledge are all products of practices and operations.