Prof. Lin Shu-hui 林淑慧


Prof. Lin, Shu-hui 林淑慧


Home Institiution: Department of Taiwan Culture, Languages and Literature, National Taiwan Normal University
Duration of Stay: January 9 to February 8, 2024



Professor Shu-hui, Lin specializes in research on travel writing, Taiwan literature, and culture. She has been a visiting scholar at Sinica, Harvard University SOAS, and UCSD. She has received many awards in Taiwan: Taiwanese Literature Research and a publishing award from the Research Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences of the Ministry of Science and Technology. She participated in the study of the U.S. Institutes on U.S. Culture and Society at New York University, TUSA‐Harvard Collaboration Program, got the Fellowship from the Ministry of Education, the National Science and Technology Council, and Scholarly Exchange of Fulbright Scholar. Her academic works include Customs, Memories and Enlightenments: A Digital Archive of Taiwanese Cultural Discourse, The Mood of the Travelers: Taiwanese Travel Writings during the Japanese Colonial Period, Represent Culture: Imagined and Discourse of Moving during Modern Period in Taiwan, and Imagining Space-Time in Taiwan Fiction.